Your Weekly Stars Forecast for Monday 11th June to Saturday 16th June

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Weekly Almanac overview:

As the Sun continues its journey through Gemini all this week then most focus will be on clever and articulate ideas of putting a message across to others. It’s a new moon on Wednesday, setting the tone for the month ahead and there are two sign changes: Mercury the planet of thinking moves into emotional Cancer the crab, and Venus the planet of relating moves into confident Leo.

The overall experience will be one of progressive ideas expressed intellectually that have versatility as well as idealism in their implementation. Personally you will be moving forwards with your aims and plans even though it might seem like society as a whole is still revising and reflecting on the direction it is going in.


Monday 11th June:

Sun in Gemini aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn (whole day, peaks at 5.15 pm)

A witty, friendly yet confident approach puts across clever and articulate ideas. The Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect throughout 2018 makes it a big year for trying new things and transforming. So use the versatile awareness that the Sun in Gemini encourages to introduce lively intellectual concepts that collectively will help change humanity for the better.

Aries: You’re aware of the gossip, chat and advice from people close to you, and it might not fit with how you want to be seen and the reputation you’re determined to build.

Taurus: You’re aware of your values and what things are worth, and this might need some adjustment to fit with the overall change in your worldly viewpoint and beliefs.

Gemini: You’re at your best when you can shine unhindered and present yourself in a good light, so some adjustments have to be made to deep and powerful desires that have the potential to make big changes.

Cancer: You’re aware that there are some secrets that you’d prefer to keep to yourself, rather than let everything out to your partner, who’d like to make powerful changes.

Leo: You’re aware it’s time to align your future plans with the determination you have for your work, make important adjustments if necessary.

Virgo: You’re conscious of your career direction and it’s time to make certain adjustments to the powerful creative ultimatums you’ve set yourself recently.

Libra: You’re aware you could widen your horizons but there are some adjustments to be made with deeper more personal family issues first.

Scorpio: You’re conscious of making some changes to the current set-up, but need to make some adjustments to the way you think about everyday life.

Sagittarius: You’re conscious of what a partner is thinking about, but you have to make some adjustments to how you evaluate things and what things are actually worth.

Capricorn: You’re conscious of your work patterns and scheduling, but adjustments need to be made based on your approach and how you start a project off.

Aquarius: You’re conscious of a love and creative urge but you need to make adjustments based on the behind-the-scenes changes you’re making in your life.

Pisces: You’re conscious of your home and family set-up and now some adjustments need to be made to your overall plans and objectives.


Tuesday 12th June:

Mercury in Gemini sesquisquare Jupiter in Scorpio (2:25pm)

Mercury enters Cancer the crab (8:00pm)

Look out for a witty speaker who has purposeful and productive ideas to manifest; their knowledge and understanding is optimistic and abundant and they’ll encompass a whole gamut of feelings and emotions in their explanations. There is potential to expand emotionally with ‘magnetic powers of healing’ which extends their reach to others. A message holds good fortune and potential for achievement.

In the evening Mercury the planet of thinking changes zodiac sign into sensitive Cancer the crab where it will stay until June 28th. This will calm down your thoughts and start to bring you imaginative and intuitive ideas. Communications take on ‘feeling’ connectivity in which there is an instinctive message to be talked about. Generally it’s likely you’ll become more protective of your thoughts, nurturing your new ideas (recently found in Gemini) so that they can take root and grow.

Aries: Your thoughts start to dwell on your most personal feelings, maybe a bit ahead of time; it can be quite a challenge to get your point across when you’re feeling so independent.

Taurus:  You start thinking about the people close to you, friends and siblings included. You might it difficult to resist bursting out with some unique and different stories about your inner world.

Gemini: You start to think about the value of things and how you make your money; you might have something to say about a friend’s efforts to break away from the normal and be different.

Cancer: It’s time to represent you and put words to your sensitivity and feeling. Your changed attitudes about your life direction and career are one of the first subjects to be pointed out and discussed.

Leo: Slip into a secretive and quiet/reflective thought mode. Keeping things to you is probably a good idea for this next phase as speaking at the wrong time might not necessarily help.

Virgo: It’s a good time to get back in touch with old friends and also to reach out tentatively to new ones, but make sure they are people you can trust with your sensitive insights and future plans.

Libra: You’re entering a phase where you’ll be keen to talk about your life direction and career; you might be pushed to get your point across to some people but you’ll make some interesting progress.

Scorpio: Picking up an old book and reading it will give you a different viewpoint and teach you something useful that’ll help you in the long run. A young person could also impart some interesting advice.

Sagittarius: It’s a good time to evaluate and work out what’s worth what when it comes to shared objects. You’ll be particularly interested in older and collectable items, go visit an auction.

Capricorn: You’re entering a phase where you’d do well to listen to a partner (if you can bear it) because they’ll be mirroring back important feelings that’ll help you to find a balance.

Aquarius: Let your thoughts drift towards scheduling and finding the time to organize your day properly. A curious or chatty person comes along who you can work with; you have to adjust to their ideas.

Pisces: Loving and romantic talk becomes something that is fun to do; use your words with pleasure and make conversation for the pure joy of talking and getting your feelings across.


Wednesday 13th June:

Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (morning, peaks at 11:40 am)

New Moon in Gemini (7:43pm)

Venus enters Leo (9:54pm)

This morning you’ll be glad of your new perceptions and ideas, as your powers of observation are enhanced. It’s a day where you need to be flexible to all the things you have to do and people you meet, as unexpected changes of plan are likely. Be reasonable with all the circumstances and allow for things to interest you, rather than be a standalone independent.

This evening as the new moon phase begins it always pays to set your intentions for the month ahead. As it’s the New Moon in Gemini its best to apply your focus and orient your objectives around the following: all forms of communications: writing, emailing, texting, social media as well as learning and socialising. Relate to your local neighbourhood and environment as well as close family members like brothers and sisters. Short journeys or regular commuting might be highlighted.

As Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury in Cancer then expect a lot of the above to be influenced by your emotions- there’s an urge to feel the heart of humanity as we all communicate amongst ourselves.

Write down what you’d like to manifest as a list of purposeful goals. You might like to place it on display so you have a conscious reminder and can apply planning and forethought to each day of the lunar cycle as the moon grows in light.

Venus the planet of love and attraction moves into affectionate and enthusiastic Leo. This could result in a flurry of late evening drama. You will want to express yourself to a partner or with a text or email. The urge for recognition by using creative vitality becomes pronounced. Venus will stay in Leo until July 9th.


Aries: Short journeys with intentions to learn something new begin to take effect in your life. A sibling or someone close to you can change your destiny. Organize your thoughts.

Taurus:  Money and resources begin a new cycle with added dimensions for a new way of earning. Your attitude to possessions and ownership changes allowing for new possibilities. Value yourself.

Gemini: Your approach to the world undergoes a change that allows for new you to start things off on a different footing. You realize the potency of being an individual and doing your own thing.

Cancer: Your secret and mostly unconscious world stars to become more important and figure in your life in a different way. You start to understand how to communicate and say things differently.

Leo: A group of people bring about ways of changing your destiny for the better; you want to talk to friends differently. Your future gets one positive step closer to being discovered and realized.

Virgo: A change in your life direction and career carries a challenge; even though you’ve been there before and the path’s almost familiar; stick with it to see what’s new around the corner.

Libra: A holiday or traveling to somewhere distant reminds you of places you’ve been before, although this time around you’re going to learn something new to give you a fresh viewpoint to believe in.

Scorpio: Are you ready for a few upheavals and changes? You know it’s coming so get ready in the method you’re most familiar with. Hopefully anyone else involved will know what usually happens too.

Sagittarius: A significant other is undergoing a new beginning that’ll free you up in some way. It doesn’t mean an ending as much as a new beginning. Be sure to keep communication channels clear.

Capricorn: A completely different way of working is about to become apparent; this could be a method you used to use, but is also likely to involve a health, diet or exercise routine this time around.

Aquarius: A new beginning in romance is indicated. If you have children you’ll be learning something about them that’s already a familiar pattern. Start a creative project with intention to complete it this time.

Pisces: A new beginning with home, family or domestic life is indicated. In the long run you’ll see a familiar pattern where you’ve been before, but go with what’s happening as it’s a learning process.


Thursday 14th June:

Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (whole day, peaks at 03:30 am on Friday)

Venus the planet of relationships, love and values makes a challenging alignment to Uranus, the planet of surprises. This holds potential for some exciting and unexpected developments. As Venus is all about social magnetism with others then it’s likely you might come across some unusual people or be invited to a surprise social. Your senses will be enhanced and amorous excitability is likely. Sometimes the most remarkable things can happen when you’re least expecting it.

When Venus and Uranus align they tend to encourage space between people, but it’s a space of uniqueness and a comparison of differences. The love (Venus) rebel (Uranus) has a cause and wants recognition for it; not just one adoring person will do.

By accepting that everything can be interesting and stimulating, then see what the day brings you. This is the sort of aspect where you could encounter a new romance to sweep you off your feet and change the course of your life forever. However the somewhat maverick influence of Uranus could make for a seduction that has unintended consequences attached to it.

The financial and commodity markets maybe remarkably stimulated today as Venus rules money and values, and Uranus acts as an exciter. Traditionally Venus rules the metal copper.

Aries: You’re all about having a good time and expressing yourself in a new way and free of previous constraints, but someone might also want to tell you to not overdo it.

Taurus: It’s about time you enjoyed some peace and quiet at home, harmonizing with family and reflecting on the many changes that are developing.

Gemini: Gathering around friends and neighbors for some light chit chat and socializing could be a good idea; it’ll help you promote the new attitude you have towards friends and groups.

Cancer: It’s about time to make some money from your well-developed skills and choice of career, isn’t it? You could attract some interesting people to you, but take note you’re not too extravagant!

Leo: It’s time to work out a friendly compromise that will agree with everyone, particularly people from abroad, or in something to do with traveling.

Virgo: It’s a good time to offer your help, even if you won’t get rewarded for what you doing, you’ll be stacking up good karma points that’ll help you adjust to bigger changes later on.

Libra: It’s time to go out with friends and create some good times, as friendliness is a top priority at the moment, particularly if relationships are changing the way they are.

Scorpio: Look out for the right people who are drawn to you in work and professional circumstances; what you give out in harmony will come back to you with agreeableness.

Sagittarius: It’s time to organize a pleasure trip or a social with new and different people; you’ll be learning new and interesting things through who you get to know now.

Capricorn: A financial flow that’s connected to a home scene sees you psychologically evolve and change your values as deep and personal thoughts change and grow too.

Aquarius: Things with a significant other start to flow smoothly and you see new ways to communicate that help to keep a nice balance.

Pisces: This is a good time to get to understand your employees or co-workers better and resolve any difficulties that arise; in doing this you’ll find your own self-worth and earnings improve.


Friday 15th June:

Mercury in Cancer in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn (whole day, peaks at 01:45 am Saturday)

This aspect is often associated with difficult or restricted thinking as a task has been set, and the challenge is to align the thinking and communications with the responsibility and commitment. Decisions can be based around paradoxical contradictions. Often the news of the day is likely to be downbeat, depressing or disappointing; for example, the government might make a decision that everyone else knows is the wrong one.

An opposition aspect pits two sides against each other and with Mercury and Saturn then the challenge is around conservative and traditional thinking. Look out for a situation in which someone is strongly opinionated and narrow-minded and finds it difficult to recognize opportunities. The trick is to overcome any obstacles in attaining intellectual recognition. Although intuitive intelligence (Mercury in Cancer) is expressed, there is a fear of being criticised and judged (Saturn in Capricorn) which sets the tone and some mental anxiety (mercury opposition) maybe experienced as a result.

One of the best ways to work through a day like this is with meditation. Take some time to be with yourself and evaluate what you are trying to achieve and how to best go about it. By not forcing or pushing your opinion or communications on others, then you can largely avoid any difficult confrontations, clashes or differences of viewpoints.

Aries: Subjective and personal thoughts about the past and where you’ve come from go in opposition to your life direction and career plans; you’ve done well to be self-taught, there’s no need to overcompensate.

Taurus:  If you’re having difficult thoughts about the way you communicate, be aware of them so you can rise above any pessimism or self-critical blockages. You know everything already.

Gemini: If in communications based around finances, take steps carefully; being shrewd and narrow minded has benefits if there are constrictions. Keeping focused will avoid misunderstandings.

Cancer: A brave talkative front with witty and quick replies is easy, yet maybe there’s something about a partnership that’s leaving you feeling inhibited? What do you have to defend?

Leo: There’s been a fair amount of socializing of late, now the inner realization that focused, orderly thoughts and concentration is needed; for example why should you worry about health?

Virgo: Linking up with different social circles due to an assertive change of mind will also need precise, well-chosen words with a good dose of tact and discretion.

Libra: Of course family members will tell you ‘It’s always been done that way…’ but you might well be blazing your own trail with some direct communications that need flexibility not rigidity.

Scorpio: Diplomacy and officialdom seems to be a major feature; you’d like to speak out for yourself but being polite and correct is important; there are rules and guidelines to follow.

Sagittarius: Your keen sense of reality is required; there are big problems with resources that need to change and be solved: you might have to field a disagreement or be prepared for an oversight.

Capricorn: A partner may be replying and talking insecurely when you bring up a certain issue; try not to overemphasize the situation and remember to see the forest for the trees.

Aquarius: There are definite changes at work that have been holding you back and need to be talked about; making lists, outlines and formatting the tasks will make the all-important work easier to do.

Pisces: You’re midway in making new plans and objectives to work, and quite frankly things might start to seem a little boring; this is the right time to meditate and center your thoughts; allow time for things to grow.


Saturday 16th June:

Uranus semi-square Neptune (noticeable over the last month, peaks whole day)

This is an aspect between two slow moving planets that encompasses a generation and has in effect been aligning for the last couple of months; it has its exactitude today. To really understand how these two planets are working together, one has to look back to the events in the year 1993, and what you were doing then. If you were born in between 1990 and 1996, then your generation shares a spiritual and psychic bond and can show society a different way of living and doing things. 2018 and 2019 are important years for you. These two planets together symbolise unique creative talents and a freedom of expression that inspires other generations. Born into this Uranus/Neptune generation are celebrities such as Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber. They are some of the representatives for the potential for positive change and the generational outlook.

Generally speaking these two planets aligning now allow for a productive flow of creativity; something unique and different that will inspire, entertain and set a trend that taps into the mass consciousness of humanity.

Take advantage to create a new, different and exciting concept in your own life. A reflective example of the slow and steadily growing alignment of these two planets was last month’s Royal Wedding which proved and demonstrated to the world that positive and enjoyable change was a good thing to be encouraged and welcomed. Humanity is evolving and growing together; we’re all sharing the one planet!


This week’s highlighted dates:

With a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries/Libra happening next week, if your birthday is on or close to the 25th of the month (any month) then I have something important to tell you…book a reading