Your Weekly Predictions March 17th – 24th 2024

LUNAR PHASE: First Quarter

When all is at sea and floating around like flotsam and jetsam, then emotional strength and protection can be found at home, where there is nourishment from someone who cares and understands the world of dreams and fantasies. The helper in the nest helps the process of dealing with the harsher realities – life is all about growing up- at whatever stage one is at. A boundless yearning for something can be seductible, and its a fine line between befogging the conscious mind, or reaching instead for illuminated guidance (finding ones guardian angel).

09:40 Moon enters Cancer the Crab

11:22 Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces


As the sun rises, so do the stable and committed feelings that set the course for dutiful reliability. Showing a kind heart and keeping it simple with a benevolent, loving nature, is all that one needs to do? However, impatient and opinionated thinking takes over and ideas can become combatitve. Avoid unsuccessful analysing or the complicated explanation of feelings. Its too easy for assumptions to become supposed facts.

08:30 Moon trines Saturn (good)

13:25 Moon sextile Jupiter (good)

14:30 Moon squares Mercury (challenging)


LUNAR PHASE: First Quarter > Waxing Gibbous

Boundless feelings stretch into vastness imaginings, a day of dreams and visionary longing. Psychic antenna are fine tuned to pick up all the vibes and one can be easily touched at an emotional level. Having a willingness to let things simply happen, sets the scene for optimistic and cheerful satisfaction. Enjoy the interplay between wishing and wanting. As the evening progresses the Moon changes sign, and proud, confident feelings create drama around where the centre of attention is: emotional entanglements and hidden motivations surface. Journey into the depths of the soul for exploration of the shadow.

14:30 Moon trine Neptune (good)

18:50 Moon trines Sun (good)

19:33 Moon enters Leo

22:50 Moon opposite Pluto (challenging)


LUNAR PHASE: Waxing Gibbous (grows in light)

Wake up into the season of Spring; this is the astrological new year – look around nature and see the great awakening and the urgency of growth – buds opening, as quick and rapid growth begins. This is the season of developing one’s ego and asserting one’s will. Everything that has been contemplated can now be acted upon by activity, initiative and moving forwards – not looking back! This next month ahead sees the pioneer and the go-getter be spontaneous. Do as much as you can in the next two days, before Mars moves into Pisces.

03:06 Sun enters Aries – Vernal Equinox


LUNAR PHASE: Waxing Gibbous (grows in light)

Dramatic self focussed feelings align beautifully with clear and direct thinking around taking action. Healthy common sense comes with imaginative, yet realistic plans. The need for independence is suddenly expressed (although keep one loophole open). Unpredicatable longing for freedom can create emotional fireworks.  What was in the background now steps into the foreground as a transformation of personality occurs, and a new magnetic attraction can captivate others. Late in the evening, there is a demand for continous guarantees and proof of love. Is it ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Saturn can make things embittered and cold. The warmth that is in other areas can leave one feeling deserted. A new boundary is set.

09:57 Moon trines Mercury (good)

12:07 Moon squares Uranus (challenging)

20:03 Sun sextiles Pluto 

23:09 Venus conjuncts Saturn


LUNAR PHASE: Waxing Gibbous (grows in light)

There could well be inner unrest and hastiness tinged with daring early in the morning, so be sure not to get out of bed the wrong way because of irritability. Things cool into practical necessities and a sensible reserve takes over for the rest of the day. Smart and snappy thinking prevails; a certain aloofness helps you decide what you want and what you don’t want. Late in the evening Mars changes into a watery sign: the hot and dry fireball immerses into the ocean: steam is created. Its possible the clear direction of the last few days becomes confused or chaotic – this energy shift will last for several weeks – look out for helplessness and the one who says ‘How can you do this to me?’ What was a clear goal potentially misfires as spiritual achievements begin to predominate instead.

06:34 Moon opposes Mars (challenging)

07:42 Moon enters Virgo 

23:47 Mars enters Pisces


LUNAR PHASE: almost Full Moon

It can be difficult to let go, and personal feelings can be witheld and supressed, because serious, responsible, stable and committed feelings rule the roost and require self-sacrifice. As the day progresses, one may feel torn back and forth between emotional security and satisfying enticing desires, because who wants to end up feeling unfulfilled? By the afternoon, its looking alot better as  one realises that one has a noble notion, that a richness can be found in simple, everyday life and living. Trust can bring happiness and raise ones spirits. Slowly and surely things will progress, especially with wisdom and ethical values applied to your concerns.

09:17 Moon opposite Saturn (challenging)

12:54 Moon opposite Venus (challenging)

15:22 Moon trines Jupiter (good)

This week’s highlighted dates:

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