Weekly Stars Forecast for 23rd – 28th July 2018

weekly horoscope stars forecast

Astrological overview of the week ahead

As this week is in between the two Eclipses, then as the moon gains in light, so the planets influences are heightened and the areas of your life which the planets are influencing become more obvious than usual.

There are several acutely testing aspects between the planets, so it’s not a bed of roses as both Venus opposite Neptune and Sun opposite Mars will put relationships onto an uncertain footing.

The opposition manifests a very clear and obvious situation in which there is a swinging from one state to another; the Sun is the self, Mars is the desire. Because Mars tends to be sharp or edgy in its delivery the result is more like the sensation of feeling the thorns as one grabs the rose stems in trying to offer them to another. The reaction is an “ouch, here you are” kind of situation.

Friday evening brings the Full Moon Lunar eclipse which tends to trigger a release and a letting go of a particular situation, so that something new can start in its place, potentially at the new moon on August 11th.
Put this full moon eclipse in context to the difficult relationship aspects just mentioned, and there might well be some dramatic shifts and changes.

With Mars in Aquarius (groups) then there’s plenty of infighting to have to deal with – this could range from political parties angrily debating amongst themselves to street gangs fighting over postcodes and turf.

As the Sun in Leo opposes then there is a confident victor who could boast at their achievement. However Aquarius is the sign of humanity and collective community, so can we all make a humane goal of getting on with each other as we look towards the future?

You might like to look back to the week around 23rd thru 27th July 2017, for the origins of the Sun/Mars opposition this week, this is the culmination of what started then.

From Monday morning the Sun is in Leo; this is the Sun’s favourite place to be: the height of summer. Many people choose to have their holidays at this time of year, because when the Sun is in its own sign then each individual is naturally encouraged to be themselves; a bit more extroverted, broad minded and creatively radiant than usual.

This week and throughout most of August is the time that the inner child in all of us gets to be expressed, so having fun and playing is the thing to do. Look out for your own strong sense to get noticed and/or the urge to shine in some area of your life.

Conversely look out for those who tantrum easily or ‘throw their toys out the pram’. This is also often a Leo trait, addressing the part of self which maybe hasn’t got the attention it thinks it deserves?

In nature the fruit on the tree and the crops in the field are ripening, getting spiritual fuel from the sun’s constant warming and golden rays. This is like the Leo personality, and you’ll recognise this aspect in several different people.

Above all the month that the Sun is in Leo is about enjoyment, creativity, romance and giving love to the world. So even though there might be Mars-like struggles, ultimately you must enjoy the life force and create the visions of what you want to see.

Both Monday and Tuesday see personal planets Sun (self-awareness) and Venus (attraction) making contact to Neptune (illusory idealism). Be wary of the feeling you’re being let down or abandoned, which is probably not the case at all.

One of the best things you can do is meditate, or be creative, using the heightened Neptune dream state to invent or visualize something, rather than expecting the real world to deliver something to you, which if it doesn’t can create disappointment or disillusion.

(N.B: All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means the peak or the exactitude)

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Daily Horoscope Monday July 23rd

Sun in Leo sesquisquare Neptune in Pisces (builds all day & perfects at 02:33am Tuesday)

The sesquisquare aspect is one of purposeful persistence which leads to achievement. With the Sun in Leo then look out for that person who has doggedly and unwaveringly pursued a dream or a vision (Neptune in Pisces).
This aspect can help to make that happen. It is determination that brings productivity and all the conditions seem to be perfect or ideal. However the influence of Neptune makes this all rather fluid and unreal, resulting in nudging you to fantasize emotionally about a certain area of life. You must try to avoid acting immoderately at the expense of others when you realize the fantasy isn’t real.
However if the confident or proud person (Sun in Leo) seems to have been overlooked in the greater scheme of things then anxiety or confusion can occur due to the feeling that nothing is real, and it’s all a deceptive dream (Neptune).
If that unsettled feeling occurs today, then be sure to keep busy by helping others and not focusing on your self too much.

The Lesson:

The world doesn’t completely revolve around you, but you still play an important part. If you can’t do something for yourself, then do something helpful for another person.

Aries: Your focus is on home, roots and foundations at the moment so if a dreamy notion that highlights certain emotions becomes apparent, it’ll be best to stick to the reality- even though its challenging!

Taurus: You’re focusing on short journeys, local environment and people close to you; a deluded friend clouds up your organizing which doesn’t help- even though you love them and want to listen.

Gemini: Money and earning ability is highlighted, there’s cash flow to consider. A dream about your career and professional status agitates you; try not to get too ruffled or out of balance.

Cancer: You’re aware of your role, self-presentation and individuality at the moment so be aware that a spiritual or faith based vision could upset you or see you act irrationally.

Leo: You’re in a quiet, reflective phase preparing for the changes you want to bring about soon. Don’t get confused by money fantasies; allow for emotional flux.

Virgo: You’re aware and illuminated by your life objectives, you know what you want and how to plan ahead so if a deluded partner comes along then it’s no surprise if you react immoderately to them.

Libra: Your career and professional position is highlighted: you know the changes you want; it’s just a gradual loosening of your work structure sees you behave more dreamily than usual.

Scorpio: You’re illuminated by what you’re currently learning and understanding about the world; creatively you’re continuously improving but focus on one project rather than diffusing or diluting into many.

Sagittarius: You aware of the changes you’d like to make; of course certain things have to finish first. Fantasies about home simply add to the emotional flux and lack of balance, so keep it real.

Capricorn: A relationship is highlighting a lot for you at the moment; you know how you can be so now you can smooth things over with dreamy talk and sweetness, but don’t spread it too thick.

Aquarius: Focus on diet, health, exercise and getting into the tasks at hand since everything is changing. Be aware of extremism around issues to do with ownership and money. Don’t be inconsistent.

Pisces: The flow of love and romance has changed a lot of feelings for you but it is advisable to still keep a boundary and not act irrationally or immoderately at your own expense.

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Daily Horoscope for Tuesday July 24th

Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces (perfects at 19:22pm)

Venus is the planet of Love and attraction; bringing to us the things we enjoy the most in life. When it makes its annual opposition to Neptune, then it’s a bit like welcoming a thick fog to envelope you, which you then have to get some kind of pleasurable or valued experience from. When you can’t even see your hands in front of your face, what good can you do to be of service to others?

I say service because Venus is in Virgo, where she isn’t at her happiest, so there could be an introversion, a self-critical or worrying situation that involves someone else (the opposition) who isn’t being as clear and detailed as you’d normally expect.

In fact the other person might even be completely deluded or fantastical. So don’t be discontented by flights of fancy and be wary of anxiety due to the fact that you can’t get across to the other person in the way that you’d like.

In an ideal world you’d like to charm and enchant, but it seems to be perceived paradoxically.
The result is a need for reconciliation to realign shared values in some area of your life that involves a partnership or a relationship.

As Venus is relationships then look out for a deceiver or a liar (Neptune), because this is the time when they will be at their most activated; however it’s also easy to spot them at this time.

The best way through this is to go and enjoy (Venus) with someone you like (Venus) a musical performance, theatre, art or culture. That is using Neptune at its best, taking you to another realm.

The Lesson:

Ultimately respect is needed for the artistic, spiritual person who approaches life from a higher plane; they might not be practical, but they do help the world show a different way to dream, and all of humanity dreams at least once a day. Some dream more than others, so try not to be too critical.

Aries: At work there’s someone who you feel for and might daydream over. You could act in a loving and unselfish way to help them, but this could end up with more confusion that you started with.

Taurus: You feel in a loving mood and express your heart in a beautiful fashion but is it real enough to be truly worth it, or when the fog clears, will you discover you’ve been misleading yourself?

Gemini: From your most personal depths you’re projecting love into professional career wishes which seems like a good idea although you’ll later feel you could have focused on a different area.

Cancer: A beautiful person close to you (could be a neighbor) is giving you a shimmering, loving connection that’s good to flirt and have fun with, but take it easy and don’t see it as serious.

Leo: “How much did you say it was…we’ve got to have it, haven’t we!?” or have you? It might look priceless and fantastic now but its value is unlikely to hold and it might even be dull later on.

Virgo: Why not be all loving and touchy feel-ly, you need this kind of treatment but is it real enough to rely on later on? The answer is no, it’s a mirage or illusion of partnership. Oh well, not again…

Libra: If there’s a love that has still yet to manifest don’t let that get you down, just use the world of fantasy and imagination to carry you. Then come back to reality later on, hmm, that’s better!

Scorpio: A friend can spin a web of illusion without meaning to, so let them do their thing and keep your wits about you, as much as possible. Creative loving becomes creative fantasy or dreaming.

Sagittarius: Loving interactions at a professional level are easily confused by home life and family issues, look out for subtle manipulation to reach for career aspirations. Try to let things pass in their own time.

Capricorn: Loving notions carry long distances but they might not hold the truth of the matter at hand.
Say what you want and enjoy the sweet nothings then later get back to the truth again.

Aquarius: Pay attention to love of money and financial interactions that could be just pouring money away and a feeling that everything’s going to be alright, when it clearly isn’t. Consider before investing.

Pisces: A partners making all the right motions to be loving person but a part of you unconsciously puts up the ‘I’m not sure what I want’ smokescreen creating a confusing situation. Just have fun instead.

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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday July 25th

Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus (building all day Tuesday, perfects at 11:36am)

The square between Sun and Uranus often results in some high pressure tension needing release or finding a way out. It can start as a conflict of interests which demand a resolution.

There will be two distinct sides at play which can’t see eye-to-eye. Uranus in Taurus is a brand new unique and progressive concept that changes everything and shatters previous paradigms.

The Sun in Leo is the dogmatic and boastful type who has always stayed the same way and finds it very difficult to make a change or shift in their way of being. The Leo Sun will likely respond to challenge and confrontation by acting out dramatically; the person who just wants to have fun and play.

The result is a set of unexpected obstacles that need an ingenious solution. A completely new person may be presented to you, who will evolve everything to the next level, but it’s a surprise that you have to learn to deal with.

Even though this person or thing creates a surprise disruption, you’d do well to expect it and accept it as the new thing, gradually integrating it.

This is because in a month from now, it will have become something very useful and a specific tool for change that can be used in clever ways.

The Lesson:

Ultimately, progressive moving forward keeps the planet spinning. We must go for what the future holds, whatever that is, and however challenging it can be.

Aries: The essence of love sits in your lap now and you shine so much better for it, however it’s a tough uphill climb you’ve been on. Keep slogging away and eventually life will be like a long party.

Taurus: Even though you might find it near impossible to do, home life, the family and the domestic scene is all set to change forever. You know deep within its ultimatum time, just go easy and be nice.

Gemini: It’s time for you to talk, think and learn differently; you’re starting to completely change your mind around, so connect to people differently and transform your local space. Look for a change of transport too.

Cancer: Your self-worth is going through a permanent overhaul that will eventually lead to great things. There’s ‘stuff’ you’ll want to get rid of, so do plenty of selling the old and then buying in the new.

Leo: You’ve probably just about had enough of so-and-so, they’re driving you mad! So what you’ve got to do is act out as an individual whose perfectly capable of looking after themselves.

Virgo: There’s a deep change and shift going on in your unconscious world; family issues you’d never looked into before maybe? Staying behind the scenes looks to be the wisest move for now.

Libra: You know what you want to do with long term objectives in life but there’s some serious transformation and regeneration you’re going through. Your friends feel the rumblings of change in you.

Scorpio: It’s through your own efforts that you’ve reached this high top and pinnacle, which is a challenge but good, now everyone else knows about your power, expect a fair amount of challenges.

Sagittarius: You’re aware there’s someone else to shine in your life, but they’re coming from a long way. Maybe this is the future for you, a big shift in travel and direction? With lots to learn, it’s empowering.

Capricorn: Now you see the power of a partners finances, like a good sunrise, the light shines across to you now and destiny has set you up to get involved in a situation that to be honest, you didn’t expect.

Aquarius: You realize how much a partner is changing because of you; it’s not that you consciously want it this way, it’s almost as if your personal power transforms them in ways you hadn’t expected.

Pisces: Suddenly you can see a working path that could set you to rights. There’s also the diet, health and exercise thing you’ve been promising yourself, so get to use the planetary inspirations for results.

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Daily Horoscope for Thursday 19th July

Mercury in Leo stations retrograde until August 19 (starts at 05:02am)

Sun in Leo inconjunct Saturn in Capricorn (perfects at 21:40pm)

Mercury the planet of communications of all types, slows down to begin its backwards dance with the Sun. What happens now goes back to the decisions you made at the beginning of June (the few days around the 5th June), and how well you’ve been able to integrate and use those ideas since then.

Ultimately this is all about your creativity and expressing yourself; have you asked for what you want, and can you put yourself into a defined position. Staying manageable and organised is the key to the next three weeks. You will have a creative voice to express but you will also have to show yourself as well as others that you can do it, sustain it and keep on top of things.

One of the upcoming peaks of this next three weeks will be on the 8th August. That’s the date that will connect hugely with the 5th June. These two dates are when Mercury conjuncts the Sun. Have a think about what happened in beginning of June and you’ll be amazed when you see what happens on the 8th August.

Meanwhile the Sun makes a frictional yet mild alignment to Saturn. This is about doing the work, and committing you to the tasks at hand. There is no point in putting yourself forward for something unless you will follow through with commitment.

Luckily as the Sun is Leo at the moment then the situation is based on your creative passion and strength of willpower.
You want to get noticed so be sure to keep yourself from disarray, try not to be awkward when called upon and avoid a discomforting situation if you can.
Older and wiser types will be testing you now for your suitability.

The Lesson:

Be presentable at all times, so that when you’re called upon you know how to shine at your best.

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Daily Horoscope for Friday 27th July

Sun in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius (builds all day Thursday, perfects at 05:13am)

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse; Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius (20:20pm)

Ok are you ready for the crunch time!? All of this week’s pressures are building up to the maximum point of discharge, and with Mars involved then there’s bound to be the sensation of heat and a strong outward expression of energy.

Quite how people will respond to this is anyone’s guess, but when the Sun and Mars align, combined with a Lunar eclipse, then some sort of explosion is very likely indeed.

There could be a wave of frustrated anger released; immediately I’m thinking of the politics of the moment, with Trump, the orange one (Mars) clearly on a collision course as he tries to pull together two sides (the opposition) which is his own mind (the ‘would’ and ‘wouldn’t’ issue) as well as what the world thinks about him at the moment.

In the UK, even though Parliament is now on recess, the tension between the leavers and the remainers will be obvious, and explosive in opinion, as even stronger sides are drawn and ultimatums issued, even though it can’t be directly addressed in the House of Commons.

For most people however there will be most likely issues around relationships coming to a boil, and everyone has to keep a modicum of self-control when under pressure.

Avoid taking unnecessary risks and also try to avoid forcing an issue.
If faced with a problem then a constructive answer can be found instead of a hostile encounter.

Once the wave of pressure has been released, then there is a moment of relief. This could also manifest as the continuing sweltering summer weather and the heat wave in the UK, which is getting everybody restless and sweaty around the collar! Both the Sun and Mars are ‘fire’ element planets, so relentless heat really can be expected.

The Lesson:

Avoid pushing on something too hard. Aggression never solves anything at all. Creating some breathing space for all is the best answer.

Aries: Someone is trying to stir up the emotional cauldron of your life, but don’t let it get to you. Ignore the deep dives at your feelings, instead go outside and have some fun.

Taurus: A partner, close friend or possible relationship is either picking a fight or causing frustration. A good time for comfort food, soft music and a night in at home.

Gemini: Disagreements over responsibilities have the potential to erupt into an argument today. Take it easy and try to remain calm yet assertive to explain your point of view.

Cancer: Tired of being kept on a budget, you’ll want to splurge on a fun indulgence. Try to spend wisely, of course, but splash out on something active and fun.

Leo: Me, me, me! You’ll want everyone to hear what you have to say. You deserve a little fun, but keep conversation light or else you may rub someone close to you the wrong way.

Virgo: A sibling, close friend or neighbour says something completely out of order that could cause hurt feelings. Try not to take things personally, instead retreat to your happy place until things blow over.

Libra: A desire for new friendships, associations or love amongst peers could cause hidden shockwaves if you aren’t careful. Try not to argue with those who already do love and value you for who you really are.

Scorpio: A desire for success in the spotlight drives you to project yourself forward in a new way. Be careful in what you say about you, instead focus on your achievements and hard work.

Sagittarius: Anticipation is so hard sometimes, especially when one of your dreams seems so close and within reach. Now is not the time to gamble, instead focus on what you need to make the dream a reality.

Capricorn: One of your acquaintances has fired up your passions in an intriguing way. Instead of dissecting their motives or playing detective, perhaps you should find out first whether or not they are worth the effort.

Aquarius: Don’t allow conflicts at work to spill over into your relationship. Keeping your love life separate from your career is important right now. Focus on what you appreciate about your partner instead.

Pisces: Yes it is true that someone is not holding up their fair share of the work, but arguing about responsibilities is not going to be productive. Don’t worry about what isn’t being done; instead take it easy on yourself.

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Daily Horoscope Saturday 28th July

Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day Friday, perfects at 01:26am)

This is a pleasing and pleasant alignment which is the reward after a challenging week!
It’s the planet of charm and love and money integrating well and flowing together with the planet of power and transformation.
This indicates a rejuvenation of values and a healthy increase in the perceived worth of something or someone.

A special artistic talent is noticed and suitably enhanced. Exceptional attractiveness is noticed between two parties.

A group will prove itself to work together extremely well for everyone concerned. Harmonious alignment leads to increased power.

The Lesson:

Show gracious consideration towards everyone and your situation will be blessed.

Aries: What seemed important to you before has changed regarding your career: analyze your routines, improve the relations you have with co-workers and apply yourself in a careful and refined way.

Taurus: It’s a good time to take pleasure from what you value; your heart is feeling attuned to a new way of thinking; everything you’ve been learning makes sense and helps you feel good.

Gemini: Your love of home life makes you want to open the doors to a social event; a partner helps the feeling along with powerful desires to make a few practical changes and improvements first.

Cancer: Being friendly, charming the neighbors and local environment teaches you a simple lesson about harmonizing. Relating has become quite a minefield recently so a method to calm is welcome.

Leo: Evaluating personal resources and ways of making money see you get to grips with your work schedule and tasks. Everything needs to change and be improved including your health and diet.

Virgo: Simple but practical beautification helps you transform so deep seated urges can be fulfilled. It’s a perfect time to get intimate or enjoy getting into heart-centered expression. Be the charming one.

Libra: Some feelings of attraction and love have to be kept secret, but you can help those you feel for. Something is changing deep within you that will make you a force to be reckoned with, eventually.

Scorpio: The love you feel for friends or a group needs to be refined and purified; its easy for you to say deep things that cut to the heart of the matter, but use those insights to help, be useful and loving.

Sagittarius: You’re improving relationships with co-workers by feeling to give practical and helpful advice. Someone in charge is attracted to how you do things and want to give you more: say thank you!

Capricorn: It’s a good time to get out and about culturally, be seen enjoying yourself and taking it all in, keeping an eye on how you’ll make personal changes and empower with your ambitions.

Aquarius: Your feelings about a relationship and love are deepening and intensifying though you want to keep coolly detached. Behind the scenes your unconscious self is magnetizing the situation.

Pisces: You feel love for a partner and things feel good; the help you can give them comes from the powerful and manipulative network of social contacts you have: this ‘group’ can make changes.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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