Weekly Stars Forecast 18-23 June 2018

weekly horoscope stars forecast

Weekly Stars Forecast for 18th to 23rd June 2018

Monday 18th June

Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces (until November 25th)

Neptune the planet of idealism, fantasies and spirituality starts its reverse motion in Pisces (the emotional sign of unity and oneness). Neptune started going through Pisces in 2011 and its ‘dream vision’ has now fully permeated worldly matters. That is why a reality TV star is the President of the USA.
Every year it goes in reverse for a few months, and this phase is best used for spiritual self-development and for seeking the actual truth out of persuasive self-delusions.
In your own life you will realise where illusions and self-deception have predominated, clouding your perception of the reality of a situation. Luckily Neptune makes favourable alignments to both Jupiter and Mercury this year, indicating much optimism. Hope is lining up in preparation for a dream come true. So even though you might be feeling so very deeply (and empathically) all is not lost and it’s very likely you will be delighted with the opportunities that are manifesting over the next few months.

Aries: A yearning to be at one with everything and everyone has taught you about yourself; finding seclusion is the best solution, so what the best thing you can learn away from the spotlight?
Taurus: Your friends have greatly inspired and expanded your consciousness recently; is it something you can completely rely on and make real results out of though?
Gemini: Following your career path led you to take sacrifices over a long time, now Neptune is slowing down transmuting feelings into compassion and understanding will help you to continue to evolve.
Cancer: Expanding your horizons has allowed your escapist and illusory tendencies to run away with them. How can you rein them in to make that dream something you learn from?
Leo: If there’s un-clarity around sorting out finances and shared assets, the next few months should allow you to get a better sense of direction and understanding of the situation.
Virgo: You’ve set up a future perfect state with your partner that has involved plenty of sacrifices and even a dash of martyrdom; now a dose of realism before you can step back into that dream world again.
Libra: You’ve let several boundaries slip in routines and duties recently in work schedules; by tightening things up again, you’ll learn some interesting new skills and a different way of understanding things.
Scorpio: Sometimes having fun does have to keep a boundary, doesn’t it? You’ve learnt a lot out of your romantic interactions recently but stepping back to see what’s been created could be a necessity now.
Sagittarius: Continuing growth and expansion at home has bought some deeper and spiritual private thoughts; you can choose to share these with those close to you to help everyone understand where you’re coming from now.
Capricorn: Idealistic thinking has changed your life beyond all previous parameters that you lived by. Someone close or maybe a sibling will soon give you their opinion that will teach you a lot and help clear the fog.
Aquarius: You’ve got a remarkable intuition and a lucky streak that’s helped you stay on top with regular income and earnings. Now keep those lucky streaks going by working with your intuition and knowing when to stop.
Pisces: Your general outlook as a spiritual sensitive has its benefits but has left you in too much of a fog. You’ll have a chance to step back now and learn about this pattern you’ve developed.



Tuesday 19th June

Venus in Leo aligns with Saturn in Capricorn (intensifies until 11:55am)

Mercury in Cancer harmonises with Jupiter in Scorpio (builds until 7:40pm)

Sun in Gemini aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio (whole day)

The day starts with a proud and showy Venus (relationships, values & money) making an awkward alignment to Saturn (limitations, restrictions, the rules). Being in any way disorganised causes others discomfort and can rub them the wrong way, resulting in a reduction of perceived value. With Venus in Leo there’s creative confidence on display which can’t be denied, but causes friction against the current traditional powers that be (Saturn in Capricorn). Learn how to subtly use charm to adjust a “same old same old” situation into more of a positive direction.
Meanwhile there’s good news with an intuitive decision leading to a positive outcome as Mercury (ideas, communications & decisions) harmoniously aligns with Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, wisdom & travel). There’s an acceptance that allows for deep seated changes and empowerment to occur. Any legal matters should go well.
This excellent Mercury/Jupiter alignment is supported by the Sun (the spotlight on self-awareness) in a purposeful and productive way, making for a socially adaptable situation that everyone learns a bit from. This should help a confident feeling that you are on the right track. A good idea is shown to be worth exploring.

Aries: Correct talk and thought processes from deep within yourself (that intuitive voice) will bring you the best opportunities and rewards from others.
Taurus: Clear and exacting talk about your feelings to a significant other will provide you with a good basis from which to grow and develop.
Gemini: By doing some careful accounting and clever talking to those you work with you’ll find better opportunities to organize your life and make sure everything is well integrated.
Cancer: You’re all about presenting yourself in a new way and finding good opportunities as to how and why you’re the best at what you do. Take the stage and let flow the most innovative stuff.
Leo: Certain things might not have been said to the family but they understand all the changes you’re going through, they can just feel what’s happening for you.
Virgo: Getting involved in an intense and revealing conversation with friends gives a useful opportunity to learn about your own thinking patterns and how you interact with people close to you.
Libra: You’re taking the opportunity to develop professional contacts by communicating what’s been on your mind; it’s the right way to go about making yourself some money.
Scorpio: The viewpoint and belief in what you’re doing is communicated to those around you, showing that for you personal success is linked intrinsically to the project you’ve got involved in.
Sagittarius: Earning money and resources through others has been on your mind and you need to dig deep into the gold mine of your unconscious mind to find the treasure if the cash isn’t flowing.
Capricorn: Precision insights and cutting edge communication from a significant other gives you the opportunity to understand long term projects and goals that involve friends.
Aquarius: You’ve developed a good strategy for working through the daily grind and can now make sure you harvest the best opportunities for moving up in the world.
Pisces: You’ve been all talk about having more fun, so when the opportunity arises to get out there and expand your horizons, be sure to take it and make the most from it.



Wednesday 20th June

First Quarter Moon (starts at 10.51am)

Mercury in Cancer links to Neptune in Pisces (whole day)

The Moon is growing in light each day, and it makes one of its most obvious alignments to the Sun which will make you aware of what you want and helps to set your emotional responses and reactions for the next seven days up until the full moon. Today is all about being receptive in communications, taking on the ideas suggested and then acting on them to build and create something new.
Mercury the thinking planet in intuitive and sensitive Cancer the crab makes a harmonious alignment to Neptune the dreamer- this indicates how well an imaginative concept fits into the mainstream. Fluctuations are still possible but in conversations and discussions there’s an unbeatable affinity- good feelings all round.

Aries: You have the gift of the gab however make sure not to let a secret revelation slip out in conversation. Keep things under wraps or only within the four walls of home for now.
Taurus: Don’t be fooled by a smooth talker amongst your circle of friends; just try to enjoy yourself and keep it real.
Gemini: Don’t worry too much about what other people think or being overlooked on the job. Instead be happy with your own accomplishments and success will follow eventually.
Cancer: Wanting to believe in something is very important however it doesn’t require you to sacrifice what is really important to you. Think about what you really want before overextending yourself.
Leo: If a certain friend has been flaky or irrational recently, determine whether this relationship is really good for you. Make sure you don’t sacrifice too much.
Virgo: Have you been holding your partner up to an impossible standard or putting them on a pedestal. Try to let go and not expect them to be perfect.
Libra: It can get a little too comfortable when you deny your own ideas; time to organise those dreams into a concrete action plan.
Scorpio: Seeking the perfect connection through romance or deep esoteric meaning may lead you to a more spiritual outlook on life.
Sagittarius: Talk to your partner about your dreams of changing the home environment. Make sure they agree before you do any uprooting.
Capricorn: Confusion or foggy thinking has caused you to want a little more organisation in your daily routine. Try reducing clutter and making space for new ideas.
Aquarius: Find creative ways to indulge your whims whilst keeping money in the piggy bank. Try recycling some of your old toys before going out to buy new ones.
Pisces: Nostalgia and warm fuzzy thoughts about your roots are prompting a little soul searching on the path you’re taking. Should you stay or should you go?



Thursday 21st June

SUMMER SOLSTICE Sun enters Cancer the crab (at 10:07am -the longest day)

Venus in Leo comes up against Mars in Aquarius (intensifies up until 4:50pm)

Officially, this is the start of the balmy summer as well as being the time when your feelings come under the spotlight. The Sun will be in the sensitive water sign of Cancer until July 22nd, so start to look out for issues around a sense of belonging (in matters such as EU membership and Brexit for example), along with ‘emotional’ situations: who is exactly caring for who; where is the nurturing that’s naturally expected of people towards each other and also whatever happened to ‘happy’ families? Over the next month see how the urge to feel comes into everyone’s awareness, along with concerns expressed about home and family contentment (and that extends to the nation’s overall contentment). Of course looking back to the past and the good old days is going to be unavoidable.
Building up during the last couple of days and peaking today will be a Venus verses Mars relationship issue: it’s a two sided problem of swinging between one sides to the other. The polarity between attraction and desire is well marked out and a form of reconciliation is way past due. This could be between you and your partner, or include someone else you feel for. Either way some sort of solution is required to satisfy both parties. However maybe it’s actually possible to have your cake and eat it at the same time, thus satisfying the paradox?

Aries: Getting on with everybody is one of your natural priorities, just how far does that go though? Certain friends might be pushing the possibilities too far: there are fun and good times, and then there are other things too.
Taurus: It’s a good time to gather loved ones around to your place and share some good times; you’re in the mood to show off and be seen differently, but at the same time, not give too much away.
Gemini: A short journey can be a great vehicle in which to express your wishes and attraction for someone, how far can you drive together to satisfy your desires?
Cancer: You’d love a change of scene so the two of you don’t have any overriding conflicts about values or costs, before you go any further remember ‘money can’t buy you love’.
Leo: How are you coping with a partner’s pushy desires? The solution is continued charm and pleasantries whilst looking for an escape or excuse to make it into good buddies.
Virgo: A fitness and health routine tends to satisfy many things yet if one particular person you have to interact with is too pushy, you’re going to be happiest finding a personal space and keeping things more secret.
Libra: Been feeling horny lately yet maybe not had enough satisfaction? You might find a friend who’s been feeling the same way; try going out together and see what happens.
Scorpio: It is all well and good charming certain people at work but a certain attraction and sexual element now comes into play and you might feel the stress if you just stay placid and quiet.
Sagittarius: Typing sexy texts and whispering erotic phone messages reaches a peak and something’s just got to be done about it; with your versatility in situations like this you’ll know what to do.
Capricorn: With all sorts of energies building up between the two of you, it’s all too easy to just light the touch paper, stand well back and let the firework display begin.
Aquarius: You and your significant other make a good pair don’t you? So why on earth are you letting yourselves be pulled apart like this? The answer is to spend more time cuddling and hugging now.
Pisces: Love is often unspoken; a feeling where one just does things that are usually appreciated and genuinely reciprocated; so there you are doing your best, the thing is are they noticing it this time?



Friday 22nd June

Sun in Cancer aligns favourably with Uranus in Taurus (whole day)

Someone unexpected can step into the spotlight with a new concept of how to evolve and progress humanity forwards. The vital connection to nature needs urgent and sudden re-evaluation. Without it humanity can’t exist and so awareness needs to be raised towards a realistic new direction. This is the sort of day that a billionaire announces they will save the natural world by spending the money to restore the countryside and the natural world. Ultimately humanity must have reverence for nature and understand the elements of creation.

Aries: You’re aware that personal feelings are changing to fit in with your new value system. It’s exciting to recognize how you’ve been revolutionizing yourself, and this could be reflected at home today.
Taurus: It’s the way you communicate! You know that by thinking slightly differently how you want to come across can change, to let the new, modernized and even futuristic you through.
Gemini: You’re conscious that by adjusting your values and sense of self-worth you’ll connect to the inner you; the level of mental energy you can stimulate shows your latent leadership qualities.
Cancer: A rebellious friend is coaxing you into doing something completely different that shows you as an individual; there’s something of the prankster in you that wants to pop out and surprise everyone.
Leo: You’re all ready to change your public image; looking behind the scenes shows you various benefits you can use to your advantage, though it’s best to keep quiet about them.
Virgo: A friend shows you a new direction and your future ideals are opened once again for heading out to explore and learn more about life in a new and completely different way.
Libra: Your professional status gets a surprising boost that stops things from getting a bit humdrum. You’re starting to undergo changes in your whole attitude to life and today’s a useful indicator.
Scorpio: You become aware a significant other is there to make changes, yes, but to also teach you about the ways of the world. How you respond to that could be surprising- and rebellious.
Sagittarius: Your independent surge toward self-leadership at work and in your daily routines sees you now be clearer with yourself about the sometimes radical changes you have to make.
Capricorn: Your self-expression is changing all the time and a partner is clearly understanding this, to such an extent that a happy surprise could make for a celebration and springboard for more serious plans.
Aquarius: Your daily routines, work style and health drive are all linked into the deep personal change and revolution you’re going through. People you come across can be quite surprised at you.
Pisces: A change in the way you’ve been thinking is ready to be expressed; this is a creative moment so find a suitable stage (or soapbox) to stand on, then you’d do well to get yourself across to others.



Saturday 23rd June

Mercury in Cancer comes up against Pluto in Capricorn (intensifies until 10:30am)

This alignment was building up yesterday and peaks this morning. You’ve got something to say you feel strongly about, and you are forced to present it to a person who has dominant and overpowering qualities. You are trying to come from a place of compassion and sensitivity and are facing someone who is predominately concerned with practical organisation and efficient structure. You could remind them that real wisdom is found by understanding that we all are connected to the source of life, whatever path we follow.

This week’s highlighted dates:

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