Your Weekly Stars Forecast for Monday 4th to Friday 10th June 2018

Astrological Overview of the week ahead:

Its a very Mercurial week as the swift planet of ideas is in its own sign of Gemini.  This week a new and clever idea is likely to inspire you in some way, but whilst being self-interested in your own plans it pays well to listen to others messages and stories as well, as this gives you a more complete picture from which to set your goals; this is because the group, community and collective will benefit from moving forward together in harmony, rather than pushing ones own individualistic egocentric agenda.

Tuesday 5th June:

The Sun in Gemini inconjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio (20:10pm)

Today is perfect for making adjustments to your inner personal purpose. You have very strong connective feelings (Jupiter in Scorpio) that on one hand give you an immense amount of growth and understanding (Jupiter) but on the other hand can make you rather intense and compulsive (Scorpio). So the trick is to balance these two differences, by being recognized as cool-headed and reasonable (Sun in Gemini). Show off your potential and unique individuality by being articulate, flexible and intellectual (Sun in Gemini), but don’t try to be too clever and dig too deep into others personal issues or territory (Jupiter in Scorpio).

Venus in Cancer the Crab opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (02:25am)

This aspect will have been largely felt and experienced during the day on Tuesday as it goes exact during Tuesday night. Venus opposite Pluto is a once a year alignment, and brings strong and fated (possibly overwhelming) attraction between two people, or things. Venus is about relationships and values, it is like a magnet attractor and when in the zodiac sign of Cancer it comes across as feelings and emotions with a strong sense of belonging, particularly in things to do with the past. Pluto in Capricorn is how power and authority is used, and so a situation arises in which there is strength of attraction from connecting to tradition, and the power that it brings. Pluto is the use of raw power, for good or ill, and is the ultimatum and the all-or-nothing.

It could be said when Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn ‘all the ladies love a man in a uniform’!

As Venus is the planet of money and values, and Pluto is power, when the two planets connect so the use of money can come into question and be exposed.

Last year (2017) when Venus made its annual opposition to Pluto, the health secretary Jeremy Hunt was exposed (Pluto) for spending a huge amount of taxpayers money(Venus) on a new bathroom and toilet (Pluto) in his office (Capricorn).

So look out for love scandals and exposes.

In 2018 already the headlines are on exposing Jeremy Thorpe’s would be assassin, hired in the 1970’s to kill his former lover to avoid being blackmailed.

That is a very Venus opposite Pluto issue!


Wednesday 6th June:

The Sun in Gemini conjuncts Mercury in Gemini (02:02am)

Mercury is the messenger of the gods and today it makes its superior conjunction with the Sun. Astronomically this places the swift moving planet on the other side of the Sun, reaching out into the stars to bring back new concepts and ideas for you to work with over the next three months. In terms of the Sun/Mercury cycle which repeats three times a year, this is day one of a new beginning, so plant a seed idea and socially connect people together with a view to making specific notes and planning out new ideas for creative concepts that will be developed over the summer.

Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces (14:07 pm) &  The Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces (05:58am Thursday)

Following their unification both the Sun and Mercury, full of social chat and ideas a plenty will be making a square to Neptune in Pisces, the planet of idealism. This aspect is about using your creative imagination and giving it some shape and form that everyone can understand. A square aspect can be a stumbling block or a building block. It all depends on how you use it. Neptune in Pisces is adding a spiritual context to the universal and collective consciousness, there is a rising wave of spirituality and creativity, and people are looking for ways to connect together.

Also Neptune in Pisces is the rediscovery of secret or lost information, and this square aspect means facts and figures(Mercury in Gemini) are coming up the surface, but need some organisation (Sun in Gemini) to be properly understood. Old stories provide lively intellectual discussion, with a slight nervous twinge to them (the square aspect), as people wonder if they’re ‘getting it right’, or have they been in fact, deluded all along?


Friday 8th June:

Mercury in Gemini inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn (13:32pm) 

Decisions made about the events of the last few days could see you making your mind up in such a way that doesn’t actually fit with whats going on. There maybe a tendency to convince yourself in a severe manner such that its difficult to make normal and consistent progress. When these two planets are at-odds with each other, its a good idea to not be strict on yourself. Try a bit of calm abiding if you feel pressured. You don’t have to make an all-or-nothing decision now.


I hope you enjoy these prognostications, I’ll post the next ‘weekly almanac’ in a few days time.

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Wishing you well as you move through time!


This week’s highlighted dates:

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