Venus Talisman

Transform Love & Relationships with this Magical Amulet

The Venus Talisman

Transform your relationships and love with this unique piece of magical jewellery.

This is a rare amulet that can help to change your circumstances to bring favourable and enhanced fortune in the fields of love, relationships, attraction, art, creativity, devotion, finance, and pleasure.

Imagine becoming a holder of a sacred charm of Venus, the goddess of Love, the embodiment of Aphrodite.

This goes far beyond normal zodiac jewellery, as the spirit of Venus has been precisely birthed into it. It has been cast into pewter, one of the seven alchemical metals.

Throughout history, Venus has been known as a planet of luck and good fortune. From ancient Greek and Roman times, she has always been known to pour her benefic and fortunate blessings upon humankind.

This Venus talisman was made at a specific and propitious moment, when Venus was in Pisces, her zodiac sign of Exaltation (in which Venus is an honoured guest in the palace and kingdom of Pisces).

The astrologer who created this chose an exact moment when the Venus ‘portal’ was wide open, and her glorious influence was very apparent on the Earth.

Often these moments can’t easily be detected, but the astrologer knows the day and the hour when she is at her most influential and birthed this object to help you, the future owner of this sacred talisman further develop and evolve your life with the spirit of Venus at your side.

On the front image, you can see the classic planetary glyph of Venus, the circle of spirit atop the cross of matter, set into a seashell design.

The seashell has been selected because of its association with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Furthermore, it has a delightful and delicate feminine curve and offers a pleasing and sensual gratification, arising from running a finger across its striations.

On the reverse image, you can see the Venus sigil as attributed to Cornelius Agrippa, which provides a happy home in which Venus can be born and reside. On its raised lower half can be seen the three zodiac signs in which Venus has her dignity: She rules Taurus (sensuality & form) and Libra (grace & balance) and is exalted in Pisces (empathy & sensitivity).

Flanking the zodiac glyphs are the triangles of the Earth and the Water elements.

Each talisman is sold with a special 12-page booklet that gives you the Venus prayers and petitions, plus consecration instructions, and when to find the right time to talk to Venus.

This booklet gives you a brief history of talismans, how and why they work, and instructions on how to make your wishes known to Venus so that the planetary spirit can help you manifest them!

So buy yours now, and become a holder of a real magical item. if used correctly this is a piece that can be handed down through the generations of a family.

Cast in Pewter (one of the seven alchemical metals) on February 10th, 2023, in the UK.