saturn jupiter pluto conjunctionIn this 90 minute webinar (presented and recorded via Zoom on July 14th 2020) Julian Venables discusses the important planetary conjunctions of 2020 that are currently reflected in global events. The Lock-Down, the Coronavirus Pandemic and all the effects that we are experiencing are the result as our conscious awareness shifts in a way it hasn’t done in 200 years. There is a new age, a new paradigm that is just beginning to birth now, and to understand it is to accept it and grow and evolve with it. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction, the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction & the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction happening in 2020 usher in a whole new epoch of human civilisation that will see a new economy and social structure developing over the next 10 years. This tremendous change is denoted by the Jupiter/Saturn cycle changing from that of the Earth element to the element of Air… This shift has not happened for over 200 years, since the Industrial Revolution of the early 19th century. This presentation provides some extremely useful insights, and can help you gain a deeper understanding of what we are collectively moving into and your part in this consciousness shift.