The Divine Order

Your guide to wellbeing

The cover of the new book The Divine Order by Julian Venables

You have been guided to this life manual.

My book, The Divine Order, is your personal self help guide to integrating the powers of the planets into your life, right away – you get to KNOW the celestial bodies like friends or mentors, archetypes all found WITHIN you too and therefore, you uncover some of your own hidden powers, even some traits which you’ve overlooked or misunderstood in the past, you are invited to transform yourself with the guidance found throughout this book.

A manual for your ever expanding success.

How would you feel if the REAL secret of the planets was revealed to you?

What if there is a simple and direct way to bring ancient understanding into your life?

The Divine Order shows you the hidden metaphysical order of the universe that can unify your inner world with your outer world.

Prepare to take an easy journey into the treasures of your mind, where you’ll find a gem of enlightenment at centre, that will astound and amaze you.

This book can quite literally change the perspective of your life by showing you your True Nature.

The concept Julian Venables has rediscovered is how the ancients used to see the world – over the last few centuries the old cosmological view was lost and forgotten, but now it is a very necessary understanding that needs to be reintroduced.

Not only can it bring about personal happiness and contentment, but it can also help humanity solve all of its complex problems to do with having a sustainable and balanced life on earth.

Buy it now, it’ll be one of the best books you’ll ever purchase.

"I really like what Julian Venables is doing. He's nailed the heart of metaphysics and the harmonically-layered universe it implies. That's the foundation of astrology and no one can understand it and still subscribe to the random-universe model of modern existentialism and conventional science. Good work!"
Steven Forrest
Author of best selling book; "The Inner Sky" and Director of School of Evolutionary Astrology

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