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Birth Chart readings, the keys to unlocking the real You

The appointed moment of your birth is transfused with untapped wisdom about the nature of the life first breathed by the new, infant You. Over the course of learning about your Birth Chart, you will be taken on journey around the cosmic sky and meet your celestial relatives. From each of these meetings, they will in turn impart their ancient wisdom to you to help you better understand your past, fully embody your present and receive the gift of an enhanced appreciation for the path ahead of you.

You walk away with a new spring in your step, knowing that you have your inner and outer alignment in tune.

Birth chart readings have been used by the wisest and most ancient cultures of our time. There will always be forces which try to divert humanity from the wisdom waiting for us, distracting us from power which is always within reach and already at our fingertips.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re only one more step away from unlocking all of the knowledge which is waiting, Personally – for You!

Birth chart readings must be booked with an accurate time of birth, knowing this information will turn your key and allow access to your personal life plan as written in the stars.

Receive your birth chart analysis, 90minutes, £190

Insert a review – from a birth chart reading.

I can use all the techniques of the professional astrologer to give you an insightful and precise analysis of what’s going on for you right now, with a view to solving any questions, current issues or problems.

During a hour reading, I will analyse all the major themes in your chart and together we will find the right direction & solution. If you would like more time for to explore your birth chart, which can bring more profound and intuitive insights, then book a 90 minute reading slot.
Longer readings allows us more time to focus on a particular area as well as discuss your current transits. I will show you how repeating patterns occur over time in your life which can elevate your self-awareness & reveal hidden personal talents. In a 2 hour in-depth analysis reading, we will have more time to explore possibilities for personal growth & develop projected goals & life path. The reading will deal with major transits over the months ahead.

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