The Jupiter Talisman

Transform your life with this Supercharged Amulet

Transform your life with this unique piece of magical jewellery.

This rare amulet has a magnetism that can help change your circumstances to bring luck, good fortune, opportunities, expansion & growth.

As a sacred charm, it goes far beyond normal Zodiac jewellery, because it was cast at a specific & propitious moment in time and space, birthing the planetary spirit into the object.

On this obverse, you can see an image of the Greco-Egyptian Zeus-Ammon from the 5th century BCE.

Later on the Greeks renamed this deity Zeus, and then the Romans called this deity Jupiter. By Jove, you might well say, what have we here?

In astrology, the planet Jupiter is called The Major Fortuna & The Greater Benefic, which strongly hints at its potential for personal empowerment.

Jupiter has a cycle of 12 years; this Jupiter in Pisces talisman was created in 2022, and won’t be recreated again until 2034.

On the reverse, you can see the ancient and mystical symbols & sigils that help provide a happy home for Jupiter to reside in.

You have the Jupiter glyph; the spirit of Jupiter; the intelligence of Jupiter and the Magic Square of Jupiter.

Each talisman is sold with a special 10-page booklet that gives you all the Jupiter prayers and petitions, plus consecration instructions, and when to find the right time to talk to Jupiter.

This booklet gives you a brief history of talismans, how and why they work, and instructions on how to make your wishes known to Jupiter so that the planetary spirit can help you manifest them!

So buy your one now, and become a holder of a real magical item. if used correctly this is a piece that can be handed down through the generations of a family.

Cast in Pewter (Jupiter’s ruling metal) on December 1st, 2022, in the UK.