The Astrologer’s Apprentice

In 2015 I published my first novel “The Astrologer’s Apprentice” about William Lilly’s prediction of the Great Fire of LondonWilliam Lilly is the most famous British astrologer of the 17th century. As I studied the life of William Lilly I thought about how his colourful adventures would make him a great character in a novel! I also adapted my story into a feature screenplay which is called “The Prediction.”

Brief Synopsis

When seventeen-year-old Tom meets Martha, his plan to study at Oxford no longer seems as attractive. And when he meets the renowned William Lilly, Master Astrologer, a new world beckons him. Against the backdrop of plague and the Great Fire in seventeenth century London, Tom’s adventures lead him ever closer to the love he seeks – and his fated role as an apprentice astrologer.

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The Astrologer’s Apprentice is available on Amazon as Kindle or paperback.

“The Astrologers Apprentice is set in the 1660s during the Plague and the Great fire of London. It is a great mix of facts and fiction, and is gripping from the very start. It follows the story of young Tom, wh

o meets renowned Astrologer William Lilly (who he later on becomes apprenticed to). A tragic tale of love and loss, Tom has to push himself through some very tough times

“I couldn’t put down this book and would recommend it to any reader, young or old.”

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The Prediction – The Screenplay