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Author, Lecturer & Astrologer

Julian Venables
Sun & Ascendant in Leo
Pisces Moon

I’ve been writing Daily Horoscopes for columns for 10 years now, currently on Uinterview. I’ve given talks on BBC Radio and appeared on local Latest TV in London & hometown of Brighton. I love teaching & am currently teaching my courses online in all levels of Astrology. I’m Chairman of the Brighton & Hove Astrology Circle, who host regular webinars from astrologers all over the world, coming together in an international community in these current times of less travel.

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I’m a father to an amazing daughter, born in 2009, who has Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius. Other interests include Buddhist meditation & mindfulness, yoga, cooking, ancient history and development of civilizations, visiting sacred sites, walking”. Gain greater insights about yourself in this Life with an Astrology Reading – it’s my passion! Or contact me first to chat about a reading or other enquiries with regards to talks, lectures and publications.

I published my first novel, “The Astrologers Apprentice” in 2015, available on Amazon & Kindle. Currently, I’m adapting it for a screenplay called “The Prediction” & hoping that after lockdown, other writings in the pipeline can all surge ahead into the Aquarian Age!

Since childhood, the cosmic universe has been a source of fascination and wonder. Looking up to the stars on a clear night and marvelling at what we call “space”, asking big questions about Life and how I want my life to be.

It was the search for a deeper understanding of things which inspired me to apply astrology as a marvellous tool to discover the meaning within existence. With so many problems to work out in our daily lives, let alone the bigger picture, I was searching for something that would make sense of the reality I saw around us.

The celestial bodies hold wisdom we can apply directly in our daily lives to help guide us through life’s twists and turns. My work is to discover and interpret this information in a way that makes the power of knowing thyself, truly applicable, and to help my clients apply those upgraded understandings, right away.

Client testimonial

Speaking with Julian is like receiving a big warm fuzzy hug from the Universe. You get the message that you’re part of a divine web of existence, that we are in fact “held” by an intelligently woven fabric with influential power… once we understand this, we can work with it, play the game with grace and confidence and find our real potential for success is far greater than we might have dared to imagine, but kind of always knew.”

Molly Janes, writer, motivational mentor, Mother.

My life has blessed me with time spent travelling all over the world, raising my beautifully kind, intelligent and talented daughter (whose date and time of birth I was lucky enough to be able to select in advance!) with my wonderfully gifted and supportive wife.

We now enjoy life on the South Coast of England and I am delighted to share my life’s work with those who are feeling the calling to up level some part of their existence.

Be it progression within the career aspect of your life, taking your business to the next level and achieving a truly fulfilling, satisfying and highly rewarding work life, or building a loving relationship and getting out of situations which are weighing you down, working with astrology as a personalised tool brings order and much needed clarity to move forward with.

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Anyway, the feeling is great and you’re all high and feeling lovely, only, when you get back into you’re car its already starting to fade, you make the drive home, navigating traffic and back into the familiarity of your home, those action packed adventure scenes from the movie are drifting up and out of your consciousness as you start thinking of all the chores you need to get done before tomorrow starts, and you begin the cycle of creating your OLD life – all over again.

What happened to that newly found resolve to go strive for something better?

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