INTRODUCTION for the WEEKLY ALMANAC of 18-24 August 2021

INTRODUCTION for the WEEKLY ALMANAC of 18-24 August 2021

Julian Venables the London Astrologer hopes you are enjoying the Weekly Almanac as it is a new Horoscope format for the modern age. The Weekly Almanac presents you dynamic planetary energies that you will see in your own life, as well as in the world around you. This is the sort of astrology for London that everyone can find useful. Predictions are becoming more accurate and your personal astrology insights also become more available to you. 

This week in London astrology there are some good planet alignments to use, particularly if you have a future work prospect that you want to make real.  Julian the London astrologer wants to encourage you to have an astrology reading; daily horoscopes take on a new meaning now, and you will find this almanac to be more accurate prediction than sun signs or star signs.

Wednesday 18 August  

Mercury in conjunction with Mars 

Its more than likely that you’ve sorted out the differences and realistically analysed the situation (mercury in Virgo). However, avoid being impulsively pushy or impatient (Mars) because others might say you are being too critical or fussy (Mercury in Virgo), which only heats things up further, possibly edging towards a sharp or combative tone of voice, or frustrated thoughts (Mars in Virgo). 

Instead, you need to use the next couple of days to your advantage and direct what needs to be done with aplomb and practical strides (Mars in Virgo). Any new or progressive money-making ideas need to be placed first on the work agenda: do the overtime, reach the goals(Mars in Virgo), and know that any mental challenges can be tackled with success (Mercury conjoins Mars in Virgo).   

If you, a friend, or a family member has their birthday between the 1st and the 5th December, March or June then you are pushed forward into new awakening and some smart ideas, but don’t get frustrated.

If your birthday is between 1st and 5th of September, January, or May then there is an energetic and integrated flow of action with plans. 


mercury mars 18 august

Thursday 19 August  

The Sun in opposition to Jupiter 

Review your recent achievements with confidence (Sun in Leo), believe it or not you are doing well, even if it takes someone else to tell you that. Have faith in yourself, you are growing nicely with your re-evaluated plans, and whatever you’ve got going on now will flourish even more in December this year (Jupiter in Aquarius). Bear in mind that right now it is too easy to be over-optimistic (Jupiter), so therefore keep a modicum of moderation in all things, including spending money, and you won’t go amiss.  Above all, hold your head up high and keep your dignity in all situations (Sun in Leo).

If you, a friend, or a family member has their birthday between the 19th and 20th of any month in the year this is a good time to get an astrology reading with Julian. 

Uranus goes retrograde (lasts until January 2022) 

Over the last few months, you’ve had several moments where you could have changed your values and sense of self-worth, but instead ended up preserving, sustaining, or resisting the potential to awaken yourself. Now the planet of unexpected disruption and revolution (Uranus) is going to help you review that recent past, and if there’s a personal project you can evolve into or progress your path into the future with, then its likely that you’ll be presented with the option to take the freedom you’ve been considering. 

If you, a friend, or a family member has their birthday between the 1st to the 5th May, August, November, or February this is a good time to get an astrology reading with Julian, as he will guide you through the personal revolution you are experiencing.

Friday 20 August  

Mercury in trine to Uranus

This is potentially a nice day in which you can get to grips with new ideas, plans and people – all of whom are interesting. Don’t rush too fast to get involved or start something up, because new data is still going to appear that can adjust the situation. Your intuition is peaking, and you’ll feel alive and awake to tackle most all problems successfully. It’s a good day to change the normal routine, as you won’t want to be doing boring or humdrum things. Instead, the surprising, the shocking and the stimulating is what you can seek, even listening to something completely new that appeals to you, just because its different and maybe reveals something previously unconsidered. 

If your birthday is between 1st and 5th of any month in the year this a great time to get a reading and understand how you can make a sudden breakthrough.

Saturday 21 August  

Mars in trine to Uranus  

If you feel daring or inventive and have an urge to do something completely different, then now is the time to do it. Be on the lookout for new encounters and new activities and understand that you can break away from old inhibitions and patterns. Its is more than possible to liberate yourself from duties and obligations, so that you can instead break down old barriers and enjoy some personal growth and self-discovery that can be positively exciting and interesting. 

If your birthday is between 1st and 5th of any month in the year this a great time to get a reading and understand how you can make a sudden breakthrough.

Sunday 22 August

Full Moon: Sun in Leo opposes Moon in Aquarius  

This is a creative and confident full moon phase because it occurs in the fire sign of Leo and the air sign of Aquarius: each of these zodiac signs has a method of getting noticed: Leo likes to get attention by being on the stage, whereas Aquarius likes to get attention by being different and unconventional. So, when the two luminaries ‘face off’ against each other, something comes strongly to the light to be noticed and seen. As the spotlight goes on, will you feel comfortable with what is being illuminated? 

If your birthday is around the 20th to the 22nd of any month in the year this full moon will highlight events in your life; a very useful time to get a reading for further insights.

The Sun enters Virgo (lasts until September 22nd) 

The area of life associated with work and health now comes into focus. Now this is the last month of the summer season, the weather starts to cool off and the harvest begins. This is what Virgo season is all about, the idea of being the one who critically examines everything for its suitability. This is the month in which you’ll discover what is healthy or unhealthy useful or pointless, valuable, or damaging.  You might start to notice how being useful or of service becomes a central focus: reliability, orderliness, caring and looking after a particular project. By generally being careful and cautious, and pragmatic and measured, you can sort out the wheat from the chaff in your own life and get some useful and verifiable results.

If you are a Virgo (22 August to 22 September) this is a particularly good month ahead for focussing on and defining your life purpose.

Ask Julian for a personal reading of your birth chart. Astrology provides the best insights in life.

Monday 23 August

Venus in trine to Saturn 

This is a good time to stabilise social contacts and set up reliable, stable relationships. This is a good phase for some sobering and insightful insights as to the nature of a relationship. Any problems and difficulties can be solved with charm and diplomacy and doing work-oriented tasks with friends and loved ones helps to organise your life.

Overall, there is good a sense of reality and it is easy to take an objective viewpoint. Steadiness of feelings will make things work well, especially if there are practical considerations rather than romantic ones. 

If your birthday is around the 1st to the 3rd of any month in the year this good aspect will highlight relationships and commitment in your life; a very useful time to get a reading for further insights.

Tuesday 24 August

Mercury in opposition to Neptune 

This is a challenging aspect which can indicate a lack of clarity, confusion, and general misdirection. You want to get it correct, precise and well organised, but it’s like wading through a river of a strong emotional current that pulls things out of alignment.  There is much heightened sensitivity, and all the input you are receiving is tending to make things overwhelming. So, it is important to double-check everything, and be cautious and wary in your dealings with others. Something might be cancelled, or someone could let you down, so it is important to keep your feet on the ground and don’t let yourself be in a vulnerable situation. The lack of disciplined and precise thinking doesn’t make for a particularly good work environment, so be prepared for mistakes and/or misjudgements. Best of all is to let this major influence pass, and then get back to where you were. 

This testing alignment will particularly apply to readers with their birthdays around 10th to the 13th of any month in the year. Go easy! Talking to an astrologer will be of benefit if you find yourself in the land of confusion. 

CONCLUSION for the WEEKLY ALMANAC of 18-24 August 2021

Julian the London astrologer who writes this weekly almanac asks if you have enjoyed reading this, please share it amongst your friends and contacts. This is a new format for the horoscope column; presenting horoscopes in a new style has been a long time coming, and now you too can enjoy this new style weekly almanac. Now this new format of the sun sign column will provide you with accurate astrology insights, and predictions. If you would like an astrology reading, contact Julian, London astrologer.

* The orb of influence between two planets is active for 2 days before & 1 day after*


This week’s highlighted dates:

With a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries/Libra happening next week, if your birthday is on or close to the 25th of the month (any month) then I have something important to tell you…book a reading