Your Weekly Almanac 22nd to 28th September 2021

Libra ♎ / Air / Justice / Autumn Equinox ...


Wednesday 22 September

Sun enters Libra – the Autumn Equinox

The Sun changes zodiac sign into the first month of Autumn today, Libra the scales. In terms of the cycle of the year, Libra is what happens after the harvest time of Virgo. The scales of Libra are for ascertaining the value, weight, and measurement of whatever was harvested from the month before. Scales are found in marketplaces & centres of trade where produce was ‘in the balance’. The opposite sign to Libra is Aries the ram, and the wool trade was a very valuable commodity for centuries in the UK, up until the development of man-made fibres and the plastic industry.

So, the meaning of Libra equates to fairness (by measure), with the elements of judgement (a quality check; is it worth it), and the communicative interchange between two parties (cooperating and mediating). As this month develops, look for balance & measure themes in your life & apply it to situations like the give-and-take of relationships for example like the epitome of the Ram’s fleece being weighed on Libra scales at The Piece Hall in Halifax, Yorkshire.

Thursday 23 September

Venus in opposition to Uranus

Venus is the planet of social attraction and whilst its in Scorpio there’s a strong stirring of the passions. Venus now opposes Uranus, the planet of excitement and surprises, there might be a sudden deep intense or magnetic pull to do something exciting, different, and new. The Uranian influence is to help provide and escape from everyday routines, not to create something permanent. This is meant to be fun and slightly shocking, or indiscreet. If something arises that indicates excitement, new people or an adventure, why not go with it? It might help you break out of a rigid structure or habit pattern. Look out for an unusual person who can be alluring or provocative, but don’t count on anything enduring, there’s going to be a large element of unreliability or the waning of interest long term.


Saturday 25 September

Mars in trine to Saturn

The work can be accomplished with patience and the willingness to get on with it. Energy is released in a steady and controlled fashion, so that it can be directed to any task required. What must be done might not be the most glamorous of work, but there is good merit to be gained. Focussing your attention to the details with perseverance as well as imparting your fine skills, all add towards gaining respect from anyone influential. It is the perfect time to show resolve and determination, to put in the planning and care. Use courage and directness to take control and combine energy with skill.

Sunday 26 September

Mercury stations retrograde

Mercury is in the air element of Libra, which brings a relationship orientation into focus. There is much about being pleasing and agreeable, so that the liveable and charming elements of a particular person or situation can be bought out. But as Mercury is going into reverse mode for a few weeks, then what was decided upon before might now become vacillating, indecisive, or contradictory fence sitting. It is possible to use mercury to become aware of all points of view, so that you can get a project or a task finished (at last).

Forest panorama in autumn stock photo. Image of paradise ...

 Tuesday 28 September

Venus in trine to Neptune

Building up from Monday, and going exact on Wednesday, Venus the planet of love, relationships, and money makes a pure emotional and feeling based alignment to Neptune the planet of idealistic dreams. Someone is giving you love and approval and if you’re not taking the time to see how caring a particular person can be then now is the time to acknowledge their support, as they can help you to regain some serenity. This alignment is perfect for showing compassion and empathy towards those who are defenceless or weak. Everyone deserves care, love and attention, support given to those who are usually or often overlooked will be rewarded with deep appreciation.  This is also a very creative time, imagination gets a big boost to help form, shape and develop what’s in your head. But it can also be a time of simple drifting and cloud watching, because it is also a rather pleasant alignment which can be happily dreamed around.

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