How I discovered Astrology

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I wasn’t expecting to discover astrology in 1988 when I was at a crossroads trying to find a career path. By chance I was introduced to a professional astrologer who suggested an interpretation of my natal horoscope might give me some interesting pointers that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. Why not? I thought to myself, and was duly presented a fascinating personalised ‘map’ of symbols which represented the planets in our solar system. This, I was told was the position of the planets at the moment of my birth. Each planet had a specific interpretation and through them I would find out my strengths and weaknesses and parts of my personality and characteristics that I had yet to understand: “Wow”, I said, “Please tell me more”.

The astrologer began to explain how astrology is a branch of ancient philosophy and metaphysics that brings self-realisation and self-awareness from interpreting the cycles of the planets and stars on human affairs. He said it gave incredibly accurate information and timing in all areas of life, particularly in understanding one’s fate and destiny to do with career, money, relationships and health. I was amazed: “How does it work?”

He smiled again and with a twinkle in his eye he asked me to ask myself when the last time I stood still for a moment, looked up and remembered I was standing on the surface of a planet floating in outer space. I acknowledged it had been a long time ago. He went onto say being in Earth’s biosphere I didn’t need a spacesuit but to think about this: Planet Earth is a part of the solar system and all life exists perfectly on earth. It follows therefore as human beings we are also a part of the solar system because we are completely reliable on the Earth for giving us life in the first place.

He told me that insight is the way the astrologer thinks: Essentially we are at one with the universe. Simply put life is a form of consciousness created by the universe in order that it might experience itself; this is why the planets can be interpreted in such a way that they resonate with our own life stories and experiences. I thought about it and laughed saying that insight is all too easily forgotten in a busy modern lifestyle with countless ways to distract and take attention away from the vastness of where we are.

He carried on: in the ancient world our ancestors didn’t have too many distractions but they did have the night sky to study in detail. They made careful observations for thousands of years noting how everything in the heavens continuously repeated on a cyclical basis. For example the relationship between the Sun and the Moon creating a new to full Moon like clockwork every month, clearly shown in the rising and falling tides. All of the other planets in our Solar system also have precise repeating cycles stretching over years, and all of these cycles can be correlated to events in our lives, because we are ‘at one’ with the solar system.

Out of this understanding came the art of astrology (‘astro’: the stars and ‘logos’: knowledge) which by the sixth century BCE in Hellenistic Greece had become a near perfected art form: this is where the first timed ‘Horoscope’ diagram has been unearthed. I’d been presented with an answer and set about starting to learn what I’d been introduced to, and gradually it became my career. I’ve weathered the continued sceptical criticism often levelled at it- my only answer to critics is not to judge it until they’ve got their own natal horoscope interpreted – which is a timed mathematical diagram and something far more accurate than newspaper horoscope columns.

I feel the times are changing and with the developments in science such as Quantum theory, science is finally coming around to the truth and validity of astrology, the original science that gave birth to all the other sciences. Astrology has helped me personally by giving me wisdom insights and a sense of knowing about my soul’s journey through life. It complements any other religion or faith; I use it in daily life. In recent years my passion for astrology developed into writing my first novel ‘The Astrologers Apprentice’ which is now available on Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle. It’s a historical drama based on the true story of how the Great Fire of London could’ve been prevented and wasn’t. The famous London astrologer William Lilly predicted the Great fire 15 years before it happened. I’ve also adapted it into a screenplay called “The Prediction 1666”.

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