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Your Weekly Almanac 20th to 26th October 2021

Wednesday 20 October Full Moon: Moon in Aries in opposition to the Sun in Libra If the moon is a bowl or container of the light, then it is now that her waters spilleth over. She has received enough of the sun, every month it is filled right up to the edge of plenty! Her […]

Your Weekly Almanac 13th to 19th October 2021

Wednesday 13 October First Quarter Moon: Moon in Capricorn in square to Sun in Libra As the Moon gathers her light and grows in emotion (it’ll be the full moon in seven days’ time), she encounters earthy and rocky Capricorn. Capricorn demands she become more enterprising and controlled, as she makes a clashing alignment to […]

Your Weekly Almanac 6th to 11th October 2021

  Wednesday 6 October New Moon: Moon and Sun together in Libra At the new moon each month, a new beginning occurs when the two luminaries, sun, and moon, conjoin together to plant a seed. At first the seed is underground and can’t be seen but sure enough within seven days, you will become conscious […]

Your Weekly Almanac 22nd to 28th September 2021

  Wednesday 22 September Sun enters Libra – the Autumn Equinox The Sun changes zodiac sign into the first month of Autumn today, Libra the scales. In terms of the cycle of the year, Libra is what happens after the harvest time of Virgo. The scales of Libra are for ascertaining the value, weight, and […]