Free Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday 6th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 6th February

The Sun planet of the ego makes a helpful alignment to Jupiter planet of opportunity.

This indicates a helpful pointer towards learning and traveling, clearing the way for personal self-development.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A friend or group come up with great concepts that see you think bigger and expand your world view and horizons. What if you could do the things suggested? Now that’s something to consider.

Taurus: There are bigger changes happening that allow you to make more of an impact to your career and life direction than you’d considered. Take advantage of what’s on offer and make it expand.

Gemini: In terms of pairing up with a partner who understands you, you couldn’t ask for anyone better. As you expand in your new role, not only travel but fascinating learning and experience will be yours.

Cancer: You’re conscious of shifts and changes in a partnership, things have been building in intensity recently. Just as well you’ve got good work opportunities that help improve things and make good.

Leo: It’s all about growing from the heart and expressing the love to a significant other; getting that across to them then helps to make a wonderful loving experience for both of you.

Virgo: From your most personal thoughts and feelings come experiences that teach you a lot about life; you can apply this understanding to your working life and help other people who work with you.

Libra: Your creative essence is on the rise and you’re expressing yourself in extravagant ways; look into more local opportunities and expansion, people close to you teach you interesting stuff.

Scorpio: An awareness of home life and the happiness it makes for you helps you to understand your values better; the cash flow is improving and something is worth spending on.

Sagittarius: An enhanced way of working things out by saying the right thing at the right time helps you to grow into a new role and identity. Things are getting better all the time when you think about it.

Capricorn: You’re aware of money and resources having potential for increase; a part of you learns, grows and improves by staying in the background. Place value on a spiritual search for meaning.

Aquarius: Big future plans seem to be endless as you reflect on what you’ve created so far; yes that’s right, there’s room for a lot more yet! Look into getting recognized through networking through friends.

Pisces: The opportunities to enhance professional position or public image is looking good; however you might be too shy and retiring at the moment? It’s better to grow into your inner world for now.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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