Free Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday 30th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 30th January

A rare alignment of planets is occurring: Saturn planet of work and commitment is helpfully connecting to Neptune the planet of dreams and spirituality.

This is a good time to make your visions reality, and to bring a spiritual concept closer to reality.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: The hard work you’ve put into your career is challenging but ultimately very good: taking your more spiritual insights from behind the scenes helps you apply greater effort, deeper and with sensitive perceptions.

Taurus: You’ve worked hard learning the stabilizing techniques that put you in control; looking into the sensitivity of your long term plans and objectives shows how much compassion and empathy you have at work.

Gemini: There’s a financial commitment that’s holding you back; however an idealistic dream of what you could do with your career is helping to shape and form something new, its work that could change everything.

Cancer: An old partner, who by their maturity sets a good boundary for you to follow, is opening up their own faith and belief, and you can now relate to them in a much better way, that allows for dreams to be made real.

Leo: The hard work pays off as the channel of dream resources comes through. A business responsibility and commitment is on the cards, which you’ve envisioned a long time. It could be perfect: don’t be its servant.

Virgo: You’ve worked hard at expressing yourself and now the effort starts to show that the dream partner who seemed so distant and vague is changing and responding in a more realistic fashion. It’s actually possible.

Libra: Family matters have got increasingly responsible, long term commitment is what is expected. So see how by giving up a routine to bring in something more compassionate, can only improve things.

Scorpio: You know you have to really speak your mind to people close to you, but as you are the authority and have the experience, you can actually turn it into a creative and self-expressive exercise.

Sagittarius: The money been a hard slog to work for, but there’s an idealistic vision you’ve got for the house or the family, and the way you value things now, it’s got to be worth, even more self-sacrifice if necessary.

Capricorn: A serious approach is unavoidable even if you feel you’ve had to drop so much and present yourself totally differently. Doing it this way helps you say all sorts of strange and wonderful things though, so keep going?

Aquarius: Behind the scenes and in secret you’ve been doing some collective clearing out, ready for a big shift. Exactly what you want to give away though might need a bit more filtering, in case everything goes?

Pisces: A friend or a group are offering you plenty of responsible work to help plan some long term objectives; now you can use your sensitive approach to restructure the whole thing, which has interesting advantages.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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