Free Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday 20th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 20th February 2019

Mercury the thinker is currently in imaginative Pisces where it is making a useful and helpful link to serious Saturn in Capricorn.

Best advice would be to stick with the overall plan and ambitions, even if it all seems rather illusory at times.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Ideas are popping up as if from nowhere that demand a serious look- could they be used constructively in your career or professionally? They’d need to be tested-keep them in mind and to yourself a bit longer.

Taurus: Some serious studying reveals a future plan you can follow; there’s work behind it and a discussion with some friends or within the group helps a responsible decision.

Gemini: Ideas about your career need a critical eye as the work that is set out for you to do requires some financial planning and rules and regulations that must be followed.

Cancer: You’ve got an idea that could go a long way; usefully a grounded and serious partner whose been laying down the rules in your life is on hand to help shape the practical aspects.

Leo: People you work with have a serious attitude which is useful when it comes to talking about ideas: change the way you say things- a more serious message needed? Dutiful people structure the wording.

Virgo: You want to talk to partners about your creative work- things have taken a long time but now you’re ready for them to cast a helpful and useful critical eye over it.

Libra: You’ve got good ideas to talk about amongst work colleagues; a part of you is inquiring whether you could actually work at home, or involve a family member in some way. A health regimen needs serious study.

Scorpio: You enjoy coming up with creative and expressive ideas especially when you can add a responsible edge to your communications. The rules of the game are best heard coming from you.

Sagittarius: A home based idea needs to be expressed to family members and the resulting answer can then be linked to the values and money problem that’s making itself known. Cut back on expenditure and be critical?

Capricorn: Locally people want to hear your insights and ideas, and in doing so you can also show how authoritarian and rule-abiding you can be. You know how the work must be done, and be a serious representative.

Aquarius: When it comes to ideas and answers about money, how to make it or how to spend it, you have a good insight that others might not have access to; you have a prescient knowledge of hidden restructuring?

Pisces: Presenting yourself as the cleverest and wittiest gives you plenty of fun, but there’s a more serious edge to it- friends (or a group) want you to be the spokesperson and authoritatively speak on their behalf.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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