Free Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday 19th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 19th February 2019

It’s full moon just before 11am (eastern) with Sun in Pisces and moon in Virgo.

This indicates a phase where help and service is required, ether by you or from you.

It will play out as a polarity between your willpower and your emotions, and as all full moons tend to do, will involve someone else.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: There’s still a lot to do in your inner world and behind the scenes: are you getting a feeling for the work you’ve got to do? Try making a list and getting more organized so you’re ready for it.

Taurus: Friends, groups, associates and your social circle are illuminated; you get feelings to help as well as express some of your natural talents. You’ll do well out of this phase.

Gemini: Your professional and public role is illuminated and you might feel challenged by the home and family role you also have to play at the moment. Go with the flow and try not to resist.

Cancer: Traveling, expanding your horizons and living your dream are on your agenda; where can you go that will teach you what you need to learn? Wherever it is will be good for your self-development.

Leo: Money and shared resources are illuminated; there are constant changes that you need to adjust to, some of the changes are frustrating but you will now come up with a solution.

Virgo: A close partnership, confidante or relationship is illuminated; your feelings as an independent need to be expressed, you’re feeling quite assertive and want to hold your ground.

Libra: You work, health and lifestyle is illuminated; you’ve got a feeling to search out your inner world and behind the scenes to work out how you can best apply yourself and make the most changes.

Scorpio: Your romantic intentions and love life is illuminated; what you need to find a balance with in this phase is your plans and objectives.

Sagittarius: Your family life and most personal feelings are illuminated; the polarity to deal with in this phase is the feelings you have about finding the right career or direction to follow: you ‘must’ get it right.

Capricorn: Your ways and methods of organizing your life and your thinking patterns are illuminated; you feel there are more things to learn and more to discover, this makes you want to travel.

Aquarius: Your money, cash flow and earnings are illuminated; you might be concerned about the changes you’ve been experiencing; try to avoid feeling angry towards others. Spiritual awareness helps.

Pisces: Your individuality and the first impressions you give are illuminated; the full moon phase highlights the feelings you have for a partner who is keen and direct in their desires and in what they want.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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