Free Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday 15th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 15 January

Over the next few days Venus planet of love gradually lines up to harmoniously align with Mars planet of desire in the crackling fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries.

This improves and enhances a relationship & creates a warm glow between yourself and a significant other.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Your loves seem like a long way away but you’ve got new energy now to do more for yourself than ever before. By becoming the central driver of the goal you seek, people will flock to you for your faith and beliefs in what can be done.

Taurus: Your feelings about love are changing encouraged by a secret passion. The attraction to a partner’s advice about making changes should be kept to a manageable level; too much excitement could trigger unwanted energies.

Gemini: You express your feelings about a relationship to your friends who goad and urge you on to cover new ground; your long term objectives needed a good boost, now you’ve got the rocket fuel to propel you forward.

Cancer: Relationships with co-workers are improving which encourages you to continue to be seen to be the leader; use this week to get a better grip on the direction you want to go in, whilst also having friendly people help you reach that goal.

Leo: Your creative expression is loved by others to the extent that you have the chance to go a long distance with it. Use the motivation to learn how to make yourself shine in ways you hadn’t considered for a while.

Virgo: Someone you love arrives home and helps you to make decisive changes about what you want and how to get it. If you want to make changes you have to push for them.

Libra: Negotiating to a loved one how you like your independence to be has helped you both define a relationship target and goal to strive for. Meanwhile a charming conversation gets you closer to the people near to you.

Scorpio: Purchasing nice things has been exactly what you’ve needed to do to help your work space; co-workers enjoy watching you show leadership.

Sagittarius: It’s plenty of fun to express yourself and let out pent up loving energy, so make the most of being yourself and attracting all the good things to you that encourage you to be more fun and playful as you reach specific goals.

Capricorn: Feeling to do things around the home and help others in ways you hadn’t done before is a good feeling, isn’t it? There’s a secret or clandestine fancy that’s making you feel particularly helpful, but there’s a good reason why it must be kept quiet of course.

Aquarius: A friend is being amazing, attracting interesting new concepts and options like never before. If you take a look at how you are boosting them along with your own motivational insights, you’ll see how good the possibilities are for you to advance socially in the ways you’d really like to.

Pisces: Cooperating with others over your career status helped you get energized and do practical tasks, showing your leadership qualities.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

With a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries/Libra happening next week, if your birthday is on or close to the 25th of the month (any month) then I have something important to tell you…book a reading