Free Daily Horoscopes for Thursday 7th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Thursday 7th February

Mercury planet of talking and gossip makes a useful and helpful alignment to Mars the planet of heated action.

This indicates words come easily but there could be a bit of spite thrown around with it.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re keen to talk to friends as you have a strong boost of confidence and flow of energy to give you spirit and direction. You’ll get a lot done today as long as you plan things well.

Taurus: If someone you respect or look up to seems to be trying to convince you to do something, you’d be good to make sure it isn’t going to end up with you regretting your involvement.

Gemini: Someone from a long distance location is able to convince you to change your plans and goals. Now you’d like to see something big ‘happen’ whatever, so think twice before deciding what to do.

Cancer: A change of mind and style of communication to a partner shifts the whole work/career scenario into a different mode. You have to be forthright and actively pushing to get noticed round here.

Leo: You’ve got to stand up for you and your partners rights; to a certain extent its worth fighting for, to know that you’ve got the confidence. This sort of attitude will make sure you’re successful.

Virgo: You’ve got several different tasks to do and keep you busy so don’t let a partners fiery attitude about money get to you: you can defend your position already very well; you know what to say.

Libra: Now you’ve got zest to speak your heart and talk about love, even though it’s a challenge to comfortably keep on board your lover’s desires. Just don’t let your other half get worked up, tell them to cool off.

Scorpio: If you let feelings fly without due care you could upset several people, especially some of the ones you work with. So you know what you know, but still keep your cool and composure.

Sagittarius: You’re all primed to talk all night about creative things that turn you on and make you feel good. Just be sure not to cause strife amongst people close to you who get to hear some of your stuff.

Capricorn: When you think about it you’ve got lots of ideas that you haven’t yet made nearly enough money with; so now be direct and go for it. The creative results have people close to you want more.

Aquarius: You’re ready to talk and today’s going to be busy as you move from place to place advancing with what you have to do using plenty of vigor and energy. Be sure to keep your temper.

Pisces: Connecting to the mystery voice coming from behind the scenes gives you a big boost of energy to get your latest efforts recognized. If there is money involved, you’ll be worth paying for what you know.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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