Free Daily Horoscopes for Thursday 21st February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Thursday 21st February 2019

The sun planet of ego meets sensible Saturn planet of boundaries and rules.

This indicates the potential for some tension based achievement.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Old issues are coming to the surface, past hurts, regrets and grudges, and diverting your attention. Remember to try to stay positive, and keep negative feelings to yourself.

Taurus: What is your purpose in life, and how do you achieve your higher goals? Some witty banter and intellectual discussions will leave you re-examining which way the path should lead.

Gemini: Take pride in your profession, you have worked hard to achieve your goals. Don’t rely on anyone else’s resources right now, think of ways you can continue forging ahead independently.

Cancer: Express your high minded ideals today, as you think you have the gift of gab. Before thinking that all your words are golden, be sure to hold back from offending someone important.

Leo: You are more eager than usual to discuss some deep issues, in a way to exorcise painful slights or buried secrets. Don’t dwell too long in the heavy stuff, or you’ll make yourself feel worse.

Virgo: Today will be highly charged, because you want to talk about relationships and where they are going. Be careful who you confide in, and make sure things get too carried away.

Libra: Pay attention to the details today, as you will be more focused than usual. Don’t let yourself get distracted by family and friends, or what is going on at home. Your thoughts deserve attention.

Scorpio: Now is a good time to get in touch with your inner self and engage the creative side of your mind. Don’t worry about getting tongue tied, or finding the correct words. Let the words flow.

Sagittarius: Something about what you’ve believed to be tried and true in your life needs a rethink. Examine your personal and family life to see what plans better meet your personal values.

Capricorn: You have a strong need to get out and meet some new people today. Don’t hold yourself back and feel free to dazzle some interesting people with your brilliant thoughts.

Aquarius: Today you’ll be motivated to get down and dirty with the real nitty-gritty. Business and commerce have your focus, but don’t overlook something that has been hiding in the background.

Pisces: Your authentic self is radiating today, as people are paying attention to your every word. This may also be a problem, as you must be careful not to be too slippery as to be unavailable.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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