Free Daily Horoscopes for Sunday 27th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Sunday 27 January

Mercury the planet of decisions and communications in practical and methodical Capricorn is making a creative link or even a leap across to active Mars in its own sign of Aries.

This is a motivating surge that pushes something of reason and logic further along, particularly in the corridors of power and authority, and amongst those who would make the rules.

There is a gap (of knowledge?) that needs to be filled, and someone is driven to show something, or to display their talent.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: When thinking about your career and status you are restless as there is something that needs to be synthesized and you now feel strongly driven to present that answer to people so that you can continue to lead.

Taurus: Listening to sage advice gives more meaning and understanding to a serious subject, but acting on it could prove to be a bit of a challenge, so just see the ingenuity to the reasoning.

Gemini: A responsibly based calculation can provide a persuasive and creative solution to a problem that needs changing. Your group or plan of action can move forward with energy, and you could show a bit of your magic.

Cancer: A partner has to be listened to for their method and practicality; now you know you can get away with it, there is probably no stopping you as you actively get involved.

Leo: You’ve been doing all the work, persistently and pragmatically, and now its time to use the motivation to move forwards with a goal that you seek. If the works been done, nothing can stop you from the success you deserve.

Virgo: You enjoy all the conversations and decisions that are being made, its a creative process of change, and the best option will come out on top. If anything your quirky drive is to push and prod to make those changes, as a bit of criticism stirs the pot quite nicely.

Libra: You are forced to put your deepest emotional needs into words, especially when a partner is holding the reins and cracking the whip. Usually you appreciate another leadership, but now you feel frustrated and opposed, and its only the pragmatic expression that is persuading others about your course of action.

Scorpio: Responsible yet rigid discussions require a creative leap because everyone at work is getting restless to the extreme. Your ability to show resolute determination is called on; the routine demands a leader, don’t let your co-workers or employees go too wild at what you say.

Sagittarius: Your driven to show what you value, and the conversation around money and possessions brings a creative solution to the problem. A certain amount of persuasive desire eases the situation and things become a lot more fun than they used to be.

Capricorn: You have to say it and put yourself into that place because ultimately your driven, deep down, to be the one who leads the family or emotional group with ingenuity and influence. Don’t forget a bit of quirkiness is a good thing to score the goal needed.

Aquarius: From a hidden perspective you’ve got all the answers and worked out the solutions needed. However your talents and abilities are such that you might not be blowing your own trumpet much. If an argument erupts because you’re not saying what you could, think about the future if you did say it.

Pisces: A friend has got some very practical ideas that synthesize with the latest motivation you have to make some money. You value a good goal scoring technique, and someone with the talent and ability to do that will impress you.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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