Free Daily Horoscopes for Saturday 9th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Saturday 9th February

Mercury the planet of thinking and decisions makes a mildly tense alignment to Saturn the planet of seriousness.

This indicates responsible planning needs to be applied in an intelligently perceptive way.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You are quite concerned about friends and their plans which can affect you own long term career and profession. Hold back some of the information and be careful with what’s said is best.

Taurus: You’re thinking about career, life direction and professional position: can you see how being shrewd and cautious with public announcements helps you to learn from experience?

Gemini: It’s difficult to talk freely long distance without involving powerful emotions and some of the restrictions you’ve been tackling. Use common sense and orderly and focused thoughts.

Cancer: You want to talk about making changes in financial and money plans but your partner is blocking any progress with talks. It means you have to use precisely chosen words to get anywhere.

Leo: Your partner is open to dialogue and talking ideas yet you feel conservative, cautious and narrow minded especially to do with work and routines. You have to get comfortable with the details.

Virgo: Certain creative projects are very real and require a lot of responsibility and work to make them successful. Making lists outlines and plans of the work you have to do could help.

Libra: You might be feeling unappreciated or misunderstood even though you have clever and enthusiastic ideas and things to talk about there’s deeper feelings which have to be held in check.

Scorpio: You’re thinking about your deepest emotional needs and want to talk to the family or people close to you yet inhibition and even a bit of guilt seem to be getting in the way for clear communication.

Sagittarius: Conversations with people close have been going on yet you feel responsible, serious or self-critical when it comes to talk about money and resources, what you have or haven’t got.

Capricorn: You’re all set to analyze with systematic logic and method the money issue that’s been on your mind; now you’re in a strong and defensive enough position to do so.

Aquarius: You realize that politeness and correctness is the right thing to do; you have to be practical and rational and talk about yourself in just the right way to make the good impression.

Pisces: In the background you can process the information carefully and slowly; remembering the practical data shows you have thoroughness and application when it’s needed.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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