Free Daily Horoscopes for Monday 4th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Monday 4 February

Its the new moon in Aquarius today, just after 9pm (gmt).

This will carry the theme of friendliness and inventiveness in a particular area of life.

Is there an area in which you can be a visionary whilst also being recognized as the person who needs some freedom?

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Future orientation and planning out long term objectives are important at this time. Slightly unconventional friends are drawn closer to your social circle. Keep networking and connecting- use technologies.

Taurus: A career and professional status development is on the cards; you’ve been doing things in a unique way and its making you popular, keep it up, pay attention to what you say, and shine on to advance yourself.

Gemini: A cultural message is resonating with you as you think about broadcasting your beliefs- someone you like has something to teach you, and travel is a good possibility, going somewhere ‘different and unusual’.

Cancer: Financially you’ve got to a point of reckoning; everyone knows that you have a righteous cause to change things for the good of all, but there’s a long haul to make sufficient impact if thinking too progressively.

Leo: A relationship needs talking about because you want something different and are looking for anything that allows you more freedom. People are attracted by what you say and a new business partner is possible.

Virgo: A new work schedule is introduced which allows you more freedom and helps you to do things differently. Keep up good health and diet, find the things you really enjoy doing and make them routine.

Libra: A creatively expressive project attracts lovable to people and you begin to realize how good this could be for your self-development. Sports, games and recreational activities are more enjoyable than usual.

Scorpio: Home and domestic life is improving with more open communication but honesty can also bring up challenges with family members. Take each step slowly so you don’t have to feel left out in the cold.

Sagittarius: Open and honest communication with people close to you has its challenges but its helping you to learn about different ways of speaking your truth. The travel plans are actually quite nice.

Capricorn: Any decisions and plans to do with resources, earnings and money will probably need to be revised as an unconventional idea needs to be talked about again. Focus on your values and sense of self-worth.

Aquarius: You’re charming your way through many cool situations and having a great time whilst you’re at it. Partners are discovering your best side and you’re enjoying explaining your unique approach.

Pisces: Time to cool off behind the scenes, as various flurries of interest may have been distracted and moved onto other pastures. Enjoy some time in quiet contemplation, no need to get too closely involved?

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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