Free Daily Horoscopes for Friday 25th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Friday 25 January

Mars planet of drive and competition is building up to make a flowing and harmonious alignment to Jupiter the planet of opportunity.

This indicates you can make useful and beneficial developments in any project.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Now is the time to be assertive and confident. Fight for your rights…and if an independent holiday happens to be offered to you, take it.

Taurus: It seems like sometimes you don’t get credit for anything you do right; don’t try too hard to make other people impressed. Take it easy and ride this day out in contemplation if possible.

Gemini: It’s all about team spirit and forging a friendship. Find a way to generate some enthusiasm and/or get involved more in competitive sports.

Cancer: You’re ambition to achieve drives you to work harder than usual. Try to avoid challenging other people opinions, instead allow them to succeed.

Leo: It’s a good time to express your unique view of the world to other people, but don’t get too defensive. Instead keep options open for discovering new experience.

Virgo: Put all of your energy into transforming into what you want to become; don’t let family or close friends hold you back from achieving your ambitions.

Libra: Asserting your opinion may backfire as someone may take what you say the wrong way. Use your compassionate skills to defuse any misunderstandings.

Scorpio: Throw all of your extra energy toward working hard and getting things done. Doing plenty of exercise or following a health regime boosts your self-esteem and self-worth tenfold.

Sagittarius: Basically it’s a sexy kind of day; your sex appeal is on full alert today so throw all of your extra energy into working it and getting noticed.

Capricorn: You feel very motivated to renovate your house or change your living situation around; time to clean out the closets and fix things up.

Aquarius: You’ll enjoy some lively and spirited debate with some of your friends, however make sure you don’t go too far and hurt someone’s feelings.

Pisces: You have a lot of wonderful qualities; make sure you remember you are worth a lot more than what your own or what you earn; make sure you don’t let status define your ego.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

With a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries/Libra happening next week, if your birthday is on or close to the 25th of the month (any month) then I have something important to tell you…book a reading