Free Daily Horoscopes for Friday 11th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Friday 11 January

Venus planet of love and money makes a mild frictional alignment to Pluto planet of power dynamics (builds all day Friday and Saturday, peaks Saturday night)

This indicates irksomeness within a relationship, or over a money matter.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re attracted to new and different people who are different from your past experiences. Don’t feel pressurized to mix them with your other circle of friends; it’s better to keep them separate.

Taurus: The money you spend on or the money you get from a partner makes a mildly tense and uncomfortable situation affecting how you’re seen in the world. Try not to feel too inconvenienced.

Gemini: Your feelings for a partner are being mirrored back to you with a bit of added friction and strain due to a belief or world view that’s been transforming your life. Tensions bring strength.

Cancer: You’re trying to improve relationships at work, or at least bettering your diet and lifestyle and along comes a frictional moment connected to investments and resources. So is it worth it?

Leo: You’re having plenty of romance and loving, connective fun recently so why let a partner be too tense and strained? If you don’t push them too hard to transform, their reaction will be lessened.

Virgo: Much as you’re enjoying being amiable and peaceful at home, there’s a constant nagging that you’ve got a powerful and potent work project that’s needs your attention to manifest it.

Libra: You notice your social life has picked up and it feels good to talk; however there’s a pressing irritability to creatively fulfill yourself; therefore love, romance and children are talked about.

Scorpio: You have a powerful urge to transform your home life and you feel now’s the time to spend money on a makeover; don’t let this tense feeling make you too extravagant, try to avoid excesses.

Sagittarius: You have strong feelings to say the absolute and ultimate truth, which can be extreme. However a need to compromise and be peaceful and harmonious sees you presenting yourself differently.

Capricorn: It’s time to gather together spiritual rewards and satisfaction for doing selfless things for others; you might feel tension as you have made big self-sacrifices and let go of a lot recently.

Aquarius: You’ve been enjoying others company and having a good social time, but an all consuming urge to take personal control could be causing you mild friction and tension. Just be aware of that.

Pisces: You can attract the right people at the moment as people are well inclined towards you; however don’t let them be a sounding board to how you’re making inner transformation changes.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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