Daily Horoscopes forecast for 15th October – 21st October 2018

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Daily Horoscope Monday 15 October


Use this daily guide to show you how the moon can affect your mood, responses & reactions

The week begins with the Moon waxing and growing in light. As it casts its reflective rays over the next few days you will be able to envision a project that is starting to develop.

This is especially enhanced by the moon being in practical Capricorn throughout Monday, grounding your reactions and responses towards keeping organised and in control.

Take the initiative whenever possible, be affable to all for the best results.

08:00 – 11:45 Moon assists Mercury: A discussion binds things together and helps social cohesion. The plan is looking good.

09:00 – 13:00 Moon assists Venus: Good rapport helps the ability to work together. A revised opinion on a helper is needed. Don’t be too self-indulgent.

12noon – 15:00 Moon is pressured by Jupiter: People still need help; not everything is a given. A fluctuation needs to be controlled.


Find out how the planets are influencing your life today

Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio (builds all day & peaks at 20:20)

Mercury planet of thinking joins up with Venus planet of Love, which is good for eloquently speaking about feelings.

As both planets are in Scorpio theres is a deep emotional searching and probing quality, in which the truth needs to be spoken.

Venus is also ‘reversing’ therefore it’s better to think very carefully what you want to say about a relationship.

What to look out for:
– Someone with emotionally accentuated intellect
– probing to get the truth of the matter
– an intense situation relieved by levity
– artistic success

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– express affections
– make social visits
– enjoy a take-it-easy attitude
– have a sense and appreciation for art or beauty

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– over-indulgence or extravagance
– inclinations for squandering
– being inordinate
– conceited disputes

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries:Making all important changes around financial and emotional aspects of your life is necessary; take note of the depth which you’re willing to dig down to source the truth of the matter.

Taurus:Many deep thoughts and insights about relating are surfacing and if their not coming from you, it’s what a significant other is saying to you that’s affecting your current status.

Gemini:You’ve been coming up with some good healthy ideas to change the way you usually do things, but you can’t quite decide which the best one is; just working harder is making useful adjustments.

Cancer:Improving yourself through more incisive communication of feeling is doing you good; especially with your children, or in a creative and romantic way.

Leo:You’re appreciating your home base more, and realizing to stand out from the rest does require a challenge. For now focus on close and personal relationships and how they can change you.

Virgo:You’re thinking about people and friends close to you and revealing more than you usually would. It’s worth keeping those deep feelings concealed until you’ve worked out what they are.

Libra:You’re having intense thoughts running through your mind about your earnings and the value of what you do; take your time to work out what you can do to improve things.

Scorpio:How you present yourself is all important and you’ve already said some things that will improve your self-presentation and charming approach as well; this pleasing self-review isn’t over yet.

Sagittarius:You got many selfless love thoughts floating around your inner world and subconscious; of course it would be better to define them more clearly but some things are meant to be nebulous, for now.

Capricorn:There’s a friend you’ve got feelings for which you feel it’s time to put into words, yet maybe those feelings aren’t fully formed yet so giving yourself some more time could be useful?

Aquarius:A relationship is connected to status and career, professional people can help you if you’ll let them but you need to consider how you approach them; it might be a challenge to, but a good one.

Pisces:You’ve got some good ideas and viewpoints that you’d like people to know about, but making sure they’re ready to be presented will help you so much more in your development.

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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 16 October


06:00 – 09:00 Moon goes with Pluto: Another person is likely to bring up a strong reaction or deeply hidden emotion in you.

You’ll get to know yourself better, whilst staying in control.

18:00 FIRST QUARTER MOON phase begins. Look out for that bright half-moon shape in the sky.

A challenge presents itself between you and another; the solution is to compromise knowing that to succeed in all your endeavors you must pay more attention to that other person.

There is no need to isolate yourself, everybody needs to relate to each other in some form or other.

18:00 – 22:00 Moon is helped by Jupiter: You show that you are concerned for another’s welfare, and this makes for a congenial evening. Good for friends.


Moon in Capricorn square Sun in Libra (starts at 18:02 and lasts two days)

It’s the first quarter moon today, a week since the new moon in Libra, so you’ll start to notice visible signs of whatever it is you started last week and want to manifest in your life over the rest of this ‘moonth’.

The overall Libra energy is to co-operate in a sociable and gracious manner so that something can be progressed and moved forward.

What to look out for:
– a distinct change of the collective mood
– hidden tensions surfacing for a brief while
– a situation that forces you to pay more attention
– a joint success between the sexes

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– use the burst of emotional and physical energy to make progress
– give someone recognition or praise
– present a small gift or advantage (but not in an awkward way)
– be attentive to what your body is telling you

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– feeling ill at ease with yourself
– making a situation more difficult than it has to be
– eccentricity leading to disharmony
– allowing inner conflicts to manifest

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries:You’re aware partnerships are changing rapidly for you and it’s all about freedom and breaking away to be different. Now you need to reflect and get feelings for your public image as you do that.

Taurus:You’re conscious of how you’d like to change you diet, health and working style; a personal revolution that affects others as well as yourself. Now your feelings reflect what you’re learning.

Gemini:You’re aware that you’re getting to express yourself in a new way that allows you more freedom; now you can reflect on shared resources and finances and how the money flow is balanced out.

Cancer:You’re aware how you’re creating big changes to home and family life; there’s quite a revolution going on there! Now you can reflect on your feelings to do with relationships and your roots.

Leo:You’re conscious of your local space and neighborhood; maybe you’d like to have a change of environment? Thinking like this is the theme. Now your feelings reflect on work and duties.

Virgo:You’re conscious of possessions, buying and selling; there’s a change in your values and sense of worth. Now feelings reflect on creative and innovative projects, how you express love.

Libra:Your individuality is strong and ready to present itself anew; it’s just feelings about home, hometown, family life and the past that get on your wick. Let it push you further onward.

Scorpio:Stuff going on in your inner world and behind the scenes is ready to be talked about but you need someone who is sensitive to your needs and understands you to talk to. Don’t go for just anybody.

Sagittarius:Your long term plans, goals and objectives are all changing and it’s the recognition that family values in fact play an important role in your life; funny when you can get so involved in social life.

Capricorn:Your professional direction, career and public image is changing and its been a challenge to contain it all; now you just have to express those feelings and get it out to help clarify things.

Aquarius:Your world view and life perspective is changing; you’re all about learning new things and going into the world differently, now you need some quiet feeling space to contemplate that direction.

Pisces:You are all set to make changes to yourself on quite a deep psychological level so that people will value you differently; now you need to reflect those feelings onto friends and see what they say.

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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 17 October


07:35 Moon enters Aquarius for the next two days. Inspiration and good ideas will create objective or abstract standpoints.

In general reactions and responses allow for independent freedom to relate to the group or collective.

07:35 – 09:15 Moon clashes with Uranus: Don’t be hasty or jump to conclusions.

Expect fleeting moments of emotional unrest. Ah, freedom! Must have it! (for a couple of hours anyway).

12noon – 15:30 Moon connects to Saturn: A sensible reconfiguration, as there is a personal commitment to keep to.

18:00 – 23:45 Moon is acute to Venus: A light feeling engenders a good time. Be social, enjoy good company. Try not to over-indulge.


Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (builds for two days & peaks at 09:45 Friday morning)

Over the next couple of days Mercury planet of logic and reason harmoniously aligns with Neptune planet of dreams and illusion.

This will tend to bring about a situation that could best be described as prophetic or poetic; let the visionary in you be revealed.

What to look out for:
– a person with a sympathetic and compassionate understanding of ‘the people’
– an imaginative vision or idealism described
– a blatant actor or liar who always gets away with it
– a desire to map or plan things out in advance

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– follow up on those inspired ideas
– enjoy a rich imagination and fantasy
– accept the potential for premonitions in life and comprehend the spiritual
– leave behind the everyday humdrum world for a fanciful unreal world (read a good book, listen to music)

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– self-delusion
– rampant confusion
– incorrect behaviour
– mental depression

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries:When it comes to balancing out finances and working through what’s what; your intuitive and psychic-sensitive side will come in useful for planning the future.

Taurus:A significant other finally chimes in with what you’ve wanted to hear all along; you see they can go with your dreams and plans too.

Gemini:By talking with co-workers or employees about your vision and where you’d like to be heading, they’ll understand how artistic and inspired you can be about work.

Cancer:You’re in the perfect place to explain with romantic overtones your spiritual truth and outlook on the world; applying this amount of vision in stating your case can be a little confusing as well.

Leo:Since you naturally come from an emotional perspective it’s often a challenge to be rational about changes you’ve wanted to bring to family and home; there’s an easier flow today.

Virgo:Having been caught up in an idealistic and dreamy relating situation for what seems like a long time, today you can explain easily how you’re organizing yourself to fit the future vision.

Libra:Balancing of the books and considerations about money are helped by realizing you can be misunderstood by employers when you’re only trying to help. Keep your routines creative.

Scorpio:You might be keen to talk in positive terms about financial or gambling ventures which look good, but might not necessarily be good for your pocket.

Sagittarius:Your perfected vision of home and family life has taken a long time to create and has been a challenge; letting loose a few subconscious ideas could add more beauty to the vision.

Capricorn:As you talk to friends you may experience subtle insights and latent psychic abilities arising which can be very useful, as long as you know what is real and what isn’t.

Aquarius:Your thoughts are focused on your career and life direction; as you do this the long term visions you have around self-valuing, money and resources can be positively reflective.

Pisces:Your thoughts are still over there, not here. You’ve had a realization that you could be farther away then you originally reckoned and now you’re keen to follow a spiritual path.

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Daily Horoscope Thursday 18 October


06:00 – 09:15 Moon in tension with Mercury: A strong need to communicate deep feelings.

If you tell the other person what it is that bothers you, they might also tell you what they feel…

09:00 – 12 noon Moon goes with Mars: Strong chance of irritable feelings. Don’t act too hastily as you try to get your own way.

21:00 – 22:00 Moon links to Pluto: A strange, somewhat distant and fleeting feeling of an all-or-nothing ultimatum.

20:00 – 22:15 Moon links to Saturn: Be self-disciplined, do the domestic duties expected of you.


Sun in Libra semi-sextile Jupiter in Scorpio(builds all day & peaks 02:00 am)

The Sun planet of self-awareness is in Libra the sign of refinement and charm.

Today it makes a mild alignment with Jupiter planet of opportunity and expansion, currently in emotionally deep Scorpio.

Is there a small but significant beneficial circumstance that you can develop within this time frame?

What to look out for:
– an opportunity to learn about your health
– discovering a latent ability
– a development of moral qualities
– something that is like ‘a gift’

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– be social
– show zeal and eagerness
– demonstrate a healthy expression of your willpower
– urge to strive and achieve something in life

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– being arrogant or pretentious
– a difference of opinion in contractual matters
– improper nutrition
– negligence, extravagance or needless expense

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries:A partner hints at what the potential issue around money and resources is. You’ve been making changes, they notice that and now register a level of interest as to what could happen next month.

Taurus:The people you work with, or who work for you demonstrate how learning through relating is ‘the way to go’. A better task team is created when you develop the partnership capabilities.

Gemini:The job has just got to be fun; it’s a priority. Your positive self-expression gives you more opportunities for discovering different areas that you can learn to apply yourself to.

Cancer:Creating a well-balanced home base is helped by the understanding that it’s fun to learn together and love together. A heart centered opportunity really does change things.

Leo:You are considering how to align harmoniously and make a good fit; you learn from deep emotional dives into the past and roots of life; bring that knowledge back to the surface and integrate it.

Virgo:Awareness of your personal values and sense of self-worth, you’ll learn a better way to manage the books and keep things organized. There’s more power in keeping stuff close by.

Libra:Your self-presentation is intrinsically linked to the growth of your self-esteem and self-worth. Have the bigger reasons to spend more linked to the bigger reasons to earn more? The two way flow teaches.

Scorpio:Certain things are destined to remain a secret even though you can use it to better yourself and the project you are thinking of starting. Others see you favorably, keep that feeling developing positively.

Sagittarius:Aware that you want to make future plans and objectives, you dig into those deeply hidden desires, because there’s plenty of stuff in there that needs to be aired and talked about.

Capricorn:An affable career move puts you into the limelight and gives you the opportunity to outline your future plans and objectives: the things that will help you keep in control and continue to develop.

Aquarius:You quite like to hear it from someone else; as long as their beliefs line up with yours then there’s a continued opportunity to keep expanding and growing. Your popularity is important at the moment.

Pisces:You’re aware how your partner is changing; they’re expanding into new areas and want to be acknowledged and recognized. You feel for their situation and know there’s potential for your growth too.

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Daily Horoscope Friday 19 October


08:00 – 11:45 Moon links strongly to Jupiter: Be optimistic about the future.

A positive attitude helps immensely. Its going to be alright; more than alright.

09:00 – 12:30 Moon in harmony with the Sun: Its easier to relate to people; you know yourself quite well.

Enjoy harmony and understanding in relationships and with partners.

20:20 Moon enters Pisces: This starts a couple of days in which its good to relax, let go, chill out.

Be imaginative, creative, drift and dream.


Mercury in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius(builds all day & peaks at 17:30)

Mercury planet of decisions and communication makes a tense alignment to Mars planet of action and desire.

This raises the possibility of an argument or a heated discussion.

You might find yourself having to defend a point of view.

It might be a good idea to tread lightly around those who have a short temper.

What to look out for:
– the spirit of enterprise
– a discussion that becomes a quarrel
– the outspoken critic
– the bringing about of a dispute

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– have the power of resolution
– achieve a success through determination
– be quick with repartee
– use an active intellect

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– the tendency to magnify or exaggerate
– grumbling or fault-finding
– nervousness or irritability
– use other peoples ideas for your own benefit

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries:A fixed position and decision around money matters could make a friend, an associate or a group rather angry. You want to see your objectives put through, but the changes of policy frustrate you.

Taurus:A partner has made a determined decision that rubs you up the wrong way, particularly in respect to your public image or position, or in your career. Certain people shouldn’t probe so deeply.

Gemini:Ideas for your job or the work you could do are resourceful; however someone connected to a partner is frustrated by the amount of truth in what you say. There’s potential for angry words; hold yourself in check?

Cancer:Your ideas are on a creative roll, it’s fun to talk about all the possibilities but pay attention to the budget that’s available: a partner might be rather annoyed at all this money talk- the situation has to change.

Leo:You are determined to get the truth you feel so deeply across to others, but a particular partner or significant other is erratically unpredictable and prods you until you make an annoyed reaction.

Virgo:People close to you seem to have already made the decisions for you and could be forcing your hand when it comes to the job or dutiful task that they’re demanding. You find this frustrating, and want autonomy?

Libra:A decision about the resourceful use of money could result in a creative argument; you know what it’s valued at and want to have some fun with it. A sports bet or a gamble isn’t well highlighted right now.

Scorpio:You have to present yourself as the one with the answers in a domestic matter which causes frustration, for quite a while now. You’d like to use the energy positively but its corralling it successfully that’s the problem.

Sagittarius:Certain opinions need to be kept secret or unspoken even though there is a blatantly obvious local firebrand whose driving you mad. Don’t let loose words undo a situation; the local helper doesn’t need to hear it.

Capricorn:Decisions made about friends or a group has a permanent feel about it, even though you are strongly fighting for a decent set of values and place a lot of worth on humanitarian goals.

Aquarius:Ideas about how you are seen by the world clash with your individualist drive. You’ve been feeling quite the rebel of late, and influential career people aren’t going to change your approach.

Pisces:Clever and resourceful ideas come from someone who knows a lot more than they give away, and you are actively interested to pursue a lead on an inventive suggestion. Don’t let any false leads frustrate you.

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Daily Horoscope Saturday 20 October


06:00 – 10:00 Moon harmonizes with Venus: Enjoy being around people. Relax into whatever you feel to do.

Get into the easy flow of feelings, although deep on the agenda is a review of the past and where you and another are at.

20:00 – Midnight, Moon goes with Neptune: Much enhanced sensitivity; empathize with someone close.

Enjoy dreaminess and fantasy. Look out for being misinterpreted or mistaking the truth of a situation.


Venus in Scorpio quintile Pluto in Capricorn(building all day Friday, still influencing Saturday)

Venus planet of relationship is in magnetic Scorpio, which enhances passions considerably, almost too much.

The Venusian mysterious power is further synthesised by compulsive Pluto in ambitious Capricorn.

However, most feelings are internalized (thanks to the Venus retrograde) so be attuned for a persuasive money/resources deal that will be easy to manifest and bring a solution to a problem.

What to look out for:
– the experience of being madly in love
– a desire for sensual pleasure
– recognizing a special artistic gift
– a creative personality comes to the forefront

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– demonstrate attachment and loyalty
– use the extraordinary power of attraction positively
– have art become a sensual experience
– follow a deeply moral code

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– being fanatical
– lewd desire
– immorality
– excessive expression of sex urges

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries:You have well-oiled methods of influence; you know intimately how to change a situation to your favour and self-empowerment. Take note that today the use of power has the quality of a despot about it.

Taurus:A partner is making fanciful overtures and stating their opinion in a forceful and compulsive way. All this works rather well for you, except that they might be coming across rather too strongly.

Gemini:Someone you can work with has a very convincing solution to change the constant upheavals you experience to do with money and resources. You can probably get away with it too.

Cancer:It’s been easy to show how much love and passion you can show to your partner. Your personal ingenuity helps to persuade the situation with them so that they understand your feelings fully.

Leo:You’re holding on with a challenging passion to your domestic situation. The manifestation of the job that can change everything is coming clearer. The positive synthesis of the two takes it to the next stage.

Virgo:Passionate diplomacy is required with the people closest to you in order to persuade them about the thing that you love deeply. You compulsively show your talent and abilities, like its magic.

Libra:A quirky restlessness means money has to be spent on the family and the house. You have to make the creative leap to synthesize what’s needed into the most effective means.

Scorpio:Your charm and charisma is so magnetic that you are driven to show what you do well; a deep dive into communication, whereby you come up with powerful answers and intense yet creative solutions.

Sagittarius:So much stuff going on behind the scenes, it’s a real challenge to let things be known. However you have a restlessness and persuasiveness so you make it clear what is to be done with your money.

Capricorn:Compulsively you feel to improve the situation with a friend or associates. Even though you are a powerful force to have to deal with, you are compelled to display your talent and your feelings to them.

Aquarius:The world is charmed by your ways of relating; you are aware you have an ingenuity and convincing method to display this talent that helps you get away with pretty much anything.

Pisces:There is a resourceful talent that you can use to manifest your own long term objectives. With a bit of a creative leap and a change you could resolve a situation that regularly causes upheavals in your plans.

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Daily Horoscope Sunday 21 October


07:00 – 09:30 Moon assists Pluto: Dig deep for the true feelings of your partnership.

Pay attention to the possibility of a one-track mind or obsessive nature. Do domestic tasks and make home based changes.

18:00 – 23:45 Moon works well with Jupiter: A good sense of well-being as you might want to help others and be supportive.

People are warm and inviting, have a good and enjoyable time.


Mercury in Scorpio parallels Jupiter in Scorpio(peaks 11:25)

With three planets in deeply emotional and magnetic Scorpio at the moment, then there is an emphasis in a particular area of your life.

What to look out for:
– a constructive intellect
– a wealth of thought
– optimistic people welcoming change
– a favourable negotiation or contract

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– an inner understanding of yourself
– recognizing the areas you are growing in
– an ability to speak about a situation with experience
– keeping optimistic and believing in yourself

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– tactlessness
– lack of foresight
– dishonesty
– mischievousness

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries:You’re attuned to how relationships can make you change, especially when a particular person connects you to the past and the family, opening up a flow of deep personal feelings.

Taurus:A partner is holding up the mirror of relationship reflection “you make me do this because…” Your thoughts are very deep on this matter; it’s the right time to let out those devastatingly well planned ideas.

Gemini:Your style of working and the way you harmonize with co-workers is well appreciated by everyone; it’s a good time to put into action your strategic plan to increase your earnings or self-worth.

Cancer:There’s never been a nicer or better time to express your attraction and love for someone; romantic fun and good times abound; you can really show them how much you’ve changed.

Leo:You start to feel more connected and different about your home life and the family; letting go of deep unconscious stuff recently is helping you to make some interesting personal adjustments.

Virgo:Charming thoughts and harmonizing conversations help take your master plan further. People close to you who you love give positive feedback to powerful concepts.

Libra:With your obsession about your career and the direction you want to go in, the right amount of money landing in your lap is positive feedback; now can you feel the power of what you’re doing?

Scorpio:Coming across with oodles of charm and a pleasing self-presentation clearly shows your dedication to the learning and authoritative position that you’ve decided to pursue.

Sagittarius:By physically connecting to a dream or fantasy that you didn’t realize before, a power flow is possible that could make some deep transformations and changes.

Capricorn:Connecting to friends with charm and pleasantry helps you to understand the power play in your relationship, and goes to help you change the way you get on with other people.

Aquarius:Your values and ways of relating are clearly on display; how do you want to be seen? Trying and working harder to improve your self-love and health/diet patterns.

Pisces:You’ve got feelings to get out and about; roaming around helps you develop and therefore express yourself innovatively in a transformed and slightly more dramatic way.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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