Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday 10th April 2019

daily horoscope wednesday

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 10th April 2019

Gradually the Sun planet of self in active and ambitious Aries is making a stressful ‘square’ alignment to Saturn planet of responsibility conservative and persevering Capricorn.

This tension based link happens for a couple of days when you’ll most likely experience pressure as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

The way through is to work hard at making it work.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve taken on a role that suits your personality and it makes you feel right, but you’re aware there’s a challenge to get to the top of this bit, getting on with everybody is going to be a test.

Taurus: You’re aware of your inner world and conscious of your unconscious patterns; the challenge is in learning to expand your viewpoint and seeing how you could work to make things change.

Gemini: You’re conscious of long term plans and goals; however there are challenges in investments and shared resources to get those ambitious concepts going. Play the field carefully; take your time.

Cancer: You’re striving for an authoritative and responsible place in society and its hard work to get there, especially when a partner has set rules and boundaries that can be such a challenge to get over.

Leo: You’re aware of wanting to expand your horizons and be bigger minded, even global, but it’s a challenge when there are so many tasks and duties that seem to hold you in one place.

Virgo: You’re conscious of transformations that are going to shift your awareness permanently, and the reality dawns it’s a creative responsibility you’ve got to accept; it’ll do you good.

Libra: You’re conscious of your interactions with a partner over the continuous problem of domestic , family and home arrangements; seems like you’ve got to stick with what’s already happening.

Scorpio: You’re keen to do work and get the task done, but it seems like your thinking goes so slowly that you’re always delayed from making progress; everything takes time, keep going.

Sagittarius: You’re aware of your creative effort to manifest something in love, but there’s a constant pressure to do with money, resources and what you really value. Keep working at it to get what you want.

Capricorn: You’re illuminated by what’s happening at home and amongst family members but it seems the challenge really lies in the serious approach you’ve got towards life and responsible matters.

Aquarius: You’re conscious of making inroads in local communication and talking to people close to you, yet in the background there’s some challenges as you’ve got plans to get serious.

Pisces: The money that you’re earning and the resources that you’re aware of challenge your future plans; you’ve got to keep going even though things might look restricted and difficult.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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