Daily Horoscopes for Saturday 23rd March 2019

daily horoscope saturday

Daily Horoscope Saturday 23rd March 2019

Mars is currently feeling quite held back in Taurus as it lines up to make an at-odds link with enthusiastic Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This indicates your patient and persistent drive towards a goal is played off against an opportunity to expand with the truth and meaning.

Be wary of getting overly frustrated at this point in time, because things will keep moving along.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You might feel frustration rising around your resources and earning capabilities; try setting specific goals and stick to them; by keeping to a plan you’ll enhance your self-worth.

Taurus: You start to come across in a more direct fashion and can almost present yourself as invincible, although this may not have the advantages you seek. Be subtle with your use of power.

Gemini: There are relationship issues that you’d rather be kept buried under the carpet, why bring them up if they can’t be seen right now? Watch out for unspoken energy bubbling uncontrollably.

Cancer: You’ve got some passion and desire for friends that needs careful directing to be of benefit for all; some people could drive you frustrated or angry when you’re trying to do good for all.

Leo: You feel a return to professionalism and a new determination to be seen as an authoritative figure; your passion to win and hold a top position is challenging when you like to be independent.

Virgo: It’s time for an adventure and do something useful with your wanderlust; the desire to know more and see further will see you using deep emotional understandings to reach for new goals.

Libra: You’re looking to change things on an emotional and feeling level and a lover could be the answer to help release your passion; be wary of arguments over money and resources.

Scorpio: Your partner expresses their desires and deep feelings in more of a single pointed fashion which could disturb your sometimes placid view of your relationship.

Sagittarius: There are goals that need to be reached at work and you’ve got the energy available to you; a determination to get fit and healthy is also present: get up and get on with it.

Capricorn: You’re shifting into another gear in order to let your passions flow with a partner; they’re changing you…you’re changing them…show them your appreciation with deep expression of love.

Aquarius: Your feelings about your home, roots and family run deep and are powerful; now you’re determined to hold strong and face all challenges, contain your energy in a proper fashion.

Pisces: Your style of communication can sometimes resonate with potent insights; take note what you say could be very deep and have a lasting effect. Take more exercise locally.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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