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Read my Q&A interview feature in this online publication that offers insightful articles on metaphysical services, holistic health and wellness, and spiritual guidance. 

‘The Career Astrologer’ is the USA based Organisation of Professional Astrologers magazine. My favourite rock band is The Grateful Dead, so I was very happy to write about the band’s ‘birth’ chart in December 1965.  

I wrote this Ozzy Osbourne & Sharon relationship and Midpoints article when there were rumours about them returning to live in England. As of February 2024, they have moved back to the UK

This is an photo essay of the making of my Jupiter-in-Pisces Talismans. I realised I had accumulated enough understanding and knowledge over the decades to create Talismans, so I gave it go, and wow, the results are amazing! (you can buy one from my shop page)

Seven years after he died, I got to write about the legendary Lemmy of Motorhead; I look at his natal chart and his midpoints; its quite clear why he was considered one of the gods of Rock’n’Roll. 

I wrote this when Johnny Depp was in a court case with his ex-wife Amber Heard. In it I predict how he would be better off and happier living in the UK; he moved over to England soon afterwards! Did he read my article? I doubt it, but you never know. However, you can read it now!

If you walk around the City of London’s Square Mile, you’ll see a surprising number of the Roman god Mercury’s statues and sculptures; its no surprise because the planet Mercury rules trade and business, find out more when you read this article.

When the huge, unexpected Beirut explosion occurred, I saw in the event chart some interesting correlations with the mythological god Bacchus and also the Roman god of Agriculture Mars Silvanus. Have a read for some interesting insights.

In my client based consultations work, one of my favourite points to use in a reading is the Sun/Moon Midpoint. Here is my article on the Sun/Moon midpoint, a key pointy to understand relationships, partnerships and marriage. Maybe you’d like to find out more about yours in your natal chart, and the transits and progressions it receives? Book a reading with me! 

This spot for Breathe magazine article on the Moon.