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Wednesday 17 November

Mars in opposition to Uranus

If you need to alter your plans or arrangements at short notice, this alignment can help you make sudden and unexpected decisions. The likelihood is that it is going to involve someone else, because you are either projecting a part of yourself which needs to be actively expressed (perhaps somewhat suppressed up until now) or alternatively, there’s someone who appears in your life that isn’t necessarily welcome, they might be pushing you forwards in some way.

Although a new person may be magnetically stimulating, their influence is likely to be a flash in the pan, and not particularly enduring. Be aware of nervous tension and strain that you hadn’t anticipated.

One of the best ways to use this alignment is to liberate yourself from unnecessary and inhibiting restrictions. If you hold yourself back, the energy could backfire into a physical problem, so be sure to let some sort of flow and movement occur, such that you are evolving and moving forwards, rather than acting against your own interests or creating an unhelpful disruptive influence.

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Thursday 18 November

Mercury in trine to Neptune

This is a deep and flowing, feeling based alignment whereby your thoughts and imagination are strongly stimulated, making you more sensitive to the world around you. This is the perfect sort of a day to let your fantasy and dream world overflow, allowing for visionary and pleasantly unreal things to predominate.

Others are likely to be very compliant and happy to go along with you, and if you act with consideration and friendliness then you might well find certain people really liking you and even adoring what you do. However, do avoid being purposefully misleading or deceptive, or incompetent. Others can be very forgiving today but don’t give them the grounds to have to forego any of your own errors.

Matters that you’ve dreamed of, can manifest now and you might even gain more than you imagined was possible. Above all, see this is as a day of potential relaxation and pleasure – enjoy mystical and spiritual subjects, indulge in art, music, poetry, dance, creative writing, so you can transcend the normal boundaries of life and let go of rational intellect for a day.


Venus in trine to Uranus

This is a perfect day for a change of pace that welcomes stimulating and new directions in relationships. Unusual diversions can be introduced by an exciting person or the sort of people you weren’t expecting to meet. Being experimental and mixing in unusual social settings will help you to go places that are quite different from what you have been used to.

There is a sudden urge to be original and this can attract others attention. A new romance or love affair might suddenly spring up out of nowhere: it’s unlikely to be enduring but it could be good fun. Because this alignment is in an earth element sign, there is an enterprising and practical quality to all that can happen today. Have an innovative approach to business, for example.


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Friday 19 November

Full Moon eclipse: Sun in Scorpio opposed by Moon in Taurus

The eclipse happens now, and although the chances are that you’ve already made some changes of the ‘letting go’ nature, this is a moment where the emotional context is likely to rise to the surface.

Some of the greatest challenges are when there is a certain status quo, a stability and the sense of no need to change, until such time as one can even feel forced to break a mould or a pattern in order to bring about a re-appraisal, or a reset.

This eclipse is the first of the Taurus/Scorpio set of eclipses which will be the major themes of 2022/23. Taurus and Scorpio get deeply into resources and money/investment, so as an overall theme you can expect a depth of emotion to be linked to ownership.

Collectively we are faced with ‘how to’ use resources when presented with a new perspective. Is there a levelling up, and drive for equality and fairness? Can the world rebalance itself such that all levels of society feels more included rather than excluded?

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Saturday 20 November

Mercury in square to Jupiter

This alignment can expand your thinking to encompass larger concepts and ideas. Hopefully this is a good thing, as you seek to fill out the bigger picture. However, care must be taken that exaggeration or overblowing is avoided, not only in ideas and communications, but also in over-expenditure. If it is expensive, does it need to cost that much?

Try not to offer promises that can’t be kept, or to offer more than you can deliver. Avoid thinking that you have all the answers at the same time as remaining flexible to a point of view. It might be a better idea to take on board the bigger concepts at this time, and then act on them a bit later, to bring about the long-term plans or goals.

This is the sort of day where being sloppy with the detail can have a detrimental effect, so pay attention to your own actions such that you don’t become too self-righteous or even a bit arrogant.

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Mercury in sextile to Pluto

This alignment closely follows the Mercury Jupiter one. There’s a deeper and more penetrating understanding, whereby you get to solve a difficult puzzle or insight. There is a quality to this alignment that helps you to research or probe deeply into a truth, so that you can use it to empower and change your life. Play down any compulsive demands or wilful opinions, as this approach won’t be helpful, but instead go deep into the communication, and use the psychological revelations you come across to make a sufficient change or regeneration in your life and how you work with the world.

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Monday 22 November

The Sun enters into Sagittarius (until December 20)

The Sun, the disc of light, is now reaching the last zodiac sign of the Autumnal season. The cool light continues to diminish, it stays close to the horizon, and the days are noticeably short. This has an encouraging influence to use these limited hours with more purpose, part of why Sagittarius is an inspired fire sign.

It is time to speak your truth, to understand the why and the how, and to seek out with honesty the meaning of life. What is your quest, and your purpose?

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