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Wednesday 13 October

First Quarter Moon: Moon in Capricorn in square to Sun in Libra

As the Moon gathers her light and grows in emotion (it’ll be the full moon in seven days’ time), she encounters earthy and rocky Capricorn. Capricorn demands she become more enterprising and controlled, as she makes a clashing alignment to the Sun in Libra, which is all about diplomatic charm and fairness.

So, this is the beginning of an event which will put a powerful new partnership onto the table for consideration. This Moon/Sun alignment today indicates ambition and sets into place the upcoming Sun/Pluto clash later this week. From today start to look out for someone who is trying to force their willpower into agreement. You might find that you are having to compromise to keep the peace, and increasingly frustrated if you can’t get your way. However, when you look at all the options, there is a way where you can cooperate for the good of all, rather than forcing issues.


Venus in sextile to Saturn

Venus is enjoying expressing her affection freely and enthusiastically whilst she is in Sagittarius, and as she lines up to harmonise with cooling Saturn then there’s contentment and security in keeping calm whilst keeping to the rules and observations. Essentially steady and routine work can give you pleasure and satisfaction – you can improve your sense of harmony and the environment around you by being respectful and dutiful to those you love and relate to. This is a good time to correct a previous error, and to cement into place good social relationships.

Thursday 14 October

Sun in trine to Jupiter (peaks on Friday 15 October)

This one of the most beneficial alignments of the year and it’s a good time to seek favours from those who have power and influence, wealth, and success. You can expect good feelings, peace and harmony, and opportunities opening for the future that hold much promise.

If you are feeling buoyant, enthused and generally happy, then you must use this moment to make the most of it, as your energies are primed for projecting out good vibes that others will pick up on. Look at the big picture, and the overall pattern. There’s a large horizon that you can see today, and you must make use of it. Don’t cling to something that you don’t need. New activities, new experiences, new everything- the greater understanding of how the world works is coming through today, things will go extra well if you ‘guide’ it through.

Sunday 17 October

Mercury in sextile to Venus

This is a mild but useful alignment that will help you to balance all your polarities. Being tactful to establish a good connection with others is particularly helpful and being objective and clarifying things is important. There is much pleasantry to keep things smooth and allow for all points of view to be expressed.

Sun in square to Pluto

Its important to be fair and harmonise any opposing energies especially when faced with intense pressure or manipulation that can be frustrating. It could be time to make some radical shifts to make changes, so you can regenerate yourself and balance out relationships. Anybody acting with authority could be particularly difficult to deal with today, as there will be undoubted power struggles evident.

If there is something left hanging, that wasn’t done well enough first time around, then there might be an egoic battle to contend with. The outside world for example may be putting pressure on total rebirth, a shedding of an old skin that can then create a transformation or reform. Whatever happens expect some sort of depth exploration into the darker side of nature, things might surface long forgotten or hidden that require reviewing and then changing.


Monday 18 October

Jupiter stations direct

Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune changes its direction, and this helps to move things along in a most agreeable way. With Jupiter in Aquarius then maybe you’ve been reviewing an understanding of how humanity can unify through knowledge, whilst staying individualistic and unique to oneself? An optimism has likely been infusing your life, that may incline you toward being generous towards others. As Jupiter now moves forwards then the need to feel completely independent intellectually becomes more apparent, so that full confidence can grow, whilst also allowing that Aquarian eccentricity, unorthodox and unconventional quality develop as well. What unique project have you been letting simmer, that is now ready to expand?

Mercury stations direct

Mercury has been doing retrogrades in the Air element this year, so the larger themes incorporate communicating one’s mental sensations, visualisations and rationalisations, particularly in the context to relationships and finding the right social balance. Now as Mercury is in Libra, there’s been friendly, charming, and aesthetic ideas, discussed in a light, graceful and breezy fashion. A sense of the ability to play with words whilst staying undecided or on the fence like a true diplomat: bringing wherever possible two sides together in harmony.

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Mars in trine to Jupiter

This is a good and lucky phase for taking action to make things grow. As both Mars and Jupiter are in Air element signs, then there’s fascinating and interesting ideas to discuss and contemplate, with some concepts that could be futuristic and unique.

You will most likely be experiencing good optimism that creates a positive energy; its not about taking risky ventures either, because you have a good sense of your capabilities and know how to apply yourself.

Actions are blessed with insight, so let your zest meet al challenges so you can expand your financial, professional, or educational goals.

Be on the lookout for financial gain, favours, and generosity – you can tell people exactly how you feel and gain others respect for being honest and to the point.

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