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It could be all over for KING BORIS soon and his ear whisperer Dominic Cummings.

A new Comet has been spotted rising in the East close to Mars & Jupiter, Comet Swan.


Comets in astrology signify the fall of a ruler.

Boris almost recently died with Coronavirus, and also has a potent new nemesis in the form of political opposition Keir Starmer.

Wow, are events on Earth reflected in the heavens? Keep reading!


As often predicted in the past, a Comet would signify the fall of a King.

In 1066 King Harold was warned of (Halley’s) Comet and he lost his throne to William the Conqueror.

In this picture (above) from the Bayeaux Tapestry there is a someone advising the King of the ‘Stella’ comet visible in the sky.

This adviser would have been the astrologer.

Above the group of people pointing at the sky is the words ISTI MIRANT translated from the Latin as ‘They Admired’

Boris manipulated the electorate to vote him in a landslide: temporarily he was much ADMIRED.

But now things aren’t looking so good.

Underneath the group of people is a bird, possibly a SWAN, with one wing pointing at the ground, and one wing pointing at the heavens.

‘As Above, So Below’ the bird seems to indicate (the flight movement of birds were used for Augury, was the earliest form of divination).

When a comet is sighted, this historical tapestry seems to tell us, it starts with much ADMIRATION, followed by a sudden conquest?


Does the Bayeux Tapestry indicate how similar star cycles are coming around again?

History repeats itself, not exactly, but there are often similar themes or threads that can be correlated to repeating events; never exactly the same, but having notable similarities.

If Comet based events can be predicted along the same lines, then there is a water-based theme as well.

Earlier this year King Boris was almost submerged by heavy rains in the UK causing flooding, and in the tapestry there are FIVE BOATS floating underneath the tapestry kings throne.

In the 1066 this indicated that William’s invasion force would arrive by sea, but if (as we know) star cycles repeat themselves, then are these the boats of immigrants trying to reach the UK, or the boats of fishermen and the fishing industry, which at the moment is a huge hot topic of how fishing rights in the English channel and North Sea will be arranged?

Does this COMET SWAN, currently sailing through Pisces (the fish), indicate that an ensuing battle with the EU over fishing rights in the North Sea and English Channel. Is this the new battle of Hastings, when trade talk with the EU start in a couple of months?

A war with the EU over the fishing rights (fishing boats) could finish off King Boris, who is already weakened.

In 1066, King Harold was too concerned with the holding together of his UNION (that was falling apart, just like what Brexit has created in the UK) that he essentially ignored the warning signs of the COMET, and the intelligence that William was amassing boats in Normandy.

So when William arrived, it was an easy conquest because Harold had been focused on settling the tribes of the nation.

Does this mean that King Boris might soon lose his throne?

In 1066 it was the astrologer who advised and warned King Harold as depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry.

In the present day, it is Dominic Cummings who ‘whispers’ to the King. What is Dominic Cummings saying to King Boris now?

This comet is named Swan! The protected British Royal bird that lives on the water.

Maybe the Royal Family deemed that they would require a Straw Man in the year 2020 in order to protect themselves.


Can the STRAW MAN save the national throne?

Take note how Queen Elizabeth the Second recently withdrew from public duties (announced on the 10th May 2020).

This is because of the Coronavirus (Corona means crown).

Not only that but there have been two ‘step backs’ in the royal family in recent months: Prince Harry & Meghan, and Prince Andrew.

In ancient days, when under threat the monarchy would set up a ‘Straw Man’ to sit on the throne, whilst the malefic influences were approaching and until the influences had passed.

The Straw Man would think that they had it all, and indulged in the glory, only suddenly to lose everything.

Then the Monarch would take their throne back.

Is King Boris the UK monarchies’ Straw Man? His hair famously looks like a mess of straw.

It is said that when he first met the Queen, he was very nervous. So she let him FEED THE DOGS.


How to see COMET SWAN in the sky:

The comet will be visible especially from the southern hemisphere.

Specialists recommend looking between 5 and 6 am east and try to locate the constellation of Pisces to observe its passage.

Super 2020 the East Comet – C / 2020 F8 (SWAN).

Comet Swan was uncovered March 25th.

Its unique and only appearance is in 2020.

More on COMET SWAN here:


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