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Monday 29 July 2019

The Sun is challenged by Uranus (builds all day, exact just after 23:00)

The planet of self-awareness (Sun) is blocked by the planet of awakening (Uranus), which is most likely to create a motivational push to stabilise and firm up personal commitments. This is because the Sun is in the ‘performer’ and expressive sign of Leo and its run up against a form of unruly resistance in the form of the rebel Uranus in the productive sign of Taurus. Something new is building up and requires a dramatic entrance.

Things to look out for:

Things to avoid:

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Venus is in discord with Neptune (builds all day, exact just before 19:00)

The planet of relating and affability (Venus) is making a misguided alignment to the planet of idealism (Neptune). This can result in a proud need for approval (Venus in Leo) that ends up becoming a discordant flurry (Neptune in Pisces) as a one-up/one-down conflict develops. The question that becomes obvious is: are things being done selfishly (Venus), or for the common good (Neptune)? There is a requirement for things to be defined in an obvious and solid way (Venus in Leo), but a misguided expression of will and what was meant to be real turns amorphous (Neptune in Pisces).

Things to look out for:

Things to avoid:


Mars is irritated by Neptune (builds all day, exact just after 20:00)

The planet of action (Mars) finds itself brought to a disorganised position by the always nebulous Neptune. This is because the issue at hand reflects individuality (Mars) versus the collective’s needs (Neptune). What becomes apparent is the difference between assertion (Mars) and compliance (Neptune). The situation can often arise that someone is well-intentioned and has well-meaning (Mars in Leo), but then has trouble getting started (Neptune in Pisces). Mars is currently in Leo, acting proud on a stage, wanting to be generous and extravagant, but finding itself somewhat diffused, frustratingly.

Things to look out for:

Things to avoid:

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Mercury stationary direct in Cancer the crab (Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 04:00)

Mercury the planet of thinking, communications and ideas begins to move forwards again in the water sign of cancer. This brings into focus feelings and emotions, and any unresolved decisions that you might have been mulling over start to become clearer. Cancer the crab is a sign of sympathy and nurturing, and so having someone listen (Mercury) to your needs (Cancer) may have helped you a lot these last few weeks. The Cancerian links to one’s family, roots and origin is very important and this retrograde cycle may well have seen you make some important family decisions, for example re-establishing communications with family members. Mercury will now be staying in Cancer until August 11th, so allow yourself to flow and float with empathic and emotional thinking, use this time to fine tune your intuition and psychic links to the world around you.

Thursday 1 August 2019

New Moon in Leo (starts at 03:12am, lasts one month)

The Leo new moon will help you to utilize and harness your creative life force. This summertime lunar cycle will encourage you to find your joy through play, entertainment and recreation. This month comes with the added social boost of a Venus conjunction, which will enhance relationships and attraction or love into your life.

This new moon is also making a tension based alignment to Uranus, the liberator and rebel, so there might well be an additional sense of evolution, or progressively moving forwards in consciousness. Someone might present a strange charisma or energy that is worth exploring, or a new value could be placed on something creative that is done out of respect.

On the other hand there maybe someone you come across who is tyrannical or temperamental, as the Sun is making a frictional alignment to Uranus, which can make for a slightly over-bearing or self-glorifying personality.

Things to look out for over the next month:


Things to avoid over the next month:


Friday 2 August 2019

Venus is motivated by Uranus (builds all day Thursday, exact at 10:00am)

Sensual Venus currently fully vitalised in fiery Leo helps to make you more fun loving and expressive, as you shine and let joyful spirit flow, take note of how a strong motivation is pushing you to stabilise your feelings about yourself and most specifically, your sense of value and self-worth. This is because Venus is being given a strong momentum to develop itself by futuristic Uranus in practical and productive Taurus. The result is a situation that is eccentric, unusual, exciting and unconventional. This is sort of time when a sudden fashionable fad begins and quickly grows.

Expect magnetic attractions; friends become lovers, lovers become friends; a need for freedom and excitement or experimentation. Someone might be acting cool or impersonal in a relationship, there could be confusion between friendship and sex. As the radiant summer sun shines and warms you, fun is the order of the day.

Things to look out for:

Things to avoid:

Saturday 3 August 2019

Mars is mildly conflicted by Pluto (builds all day, exact on Sunday)

The planet of drive and initiative (Mars) is currently in impressive Leo, flexing its creative (Leo) strength (Mars). This is making for a summer season of playfulness, with desire and ambition mixed in. However starting today and peaking on Sunday Mars makes a mildly challenging alignment to the planet of ultimatums and extremes, Pluto.

From a creative standpoint, in order to stay focussed, the research and work has to be done, then you can shine and bask in self-glory as you gain in personal authority.

On the other hand this planetary combination could result in a situation where there is cause for a belligerent or defensive attitude. There may be a situation where hidden corruption is revealed, and there could be possible jealousy or aggression displayed.

Mars/ Pluto combinations are not known for being particularly nice, so there could well be some passive-aggressive actions, hidden anger or explosiveness. Secretive, manipulative, repressed and intensely obsessive types or situations might surface.

One of the ways through any difficulties is to see how this combination can be used for regeneration and transformation.



Sunday 4 August 2019

The Sun is enhanced by Neptune (builds all day, exact just before 22:00)

With the Sun currently in its ruling sign of Leo, then today has the potential to be spiritually illuminating as it makes a positive synthesis to the planet of the divine, Neptune in Pisces.

Look out for a situation where your creative and joyful side gets an ingenious link from your imagination or dreams. A little bit of creative persuasiveness brings a logical resolution to how you’d like give your love to the world.

Things to look out for:

Things to avoid:


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