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Ancient Golden Sunshine at Stonehenge June 2019

stonehenge pilgrims The real Treasure Trove is Astrological Light:
Archaeologists, Treasure seekers & historians marvel and wonder when they find Treasure troves at ancient sites such as Stonehenge.

I have also gazed through the glass cases in museums at the precious grave goods found at these megalithic sites, knowing that the ancients were symbolically creating a deeper meaning in their making of sacred items.

Finding the Gold Within:
The meaning of Treasure Trove comes from the French word “Trouve”, which is “to find”.
I felt it was time to find again, so for the first time in about 10 years I decided to make the pilgrimage (Jupiter in Sagittarius year 2019) to visit Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice, and to my great wonderment, found something very precious in the event.

The Seekers & The Pilgrims:

Seekers and Pilgrims at Stonehenge

The first thing I noticed was the huge increase in the number of people!
The Henge was jam packed solid all assembled for the Midsummer’s dawn. I gradually squeezed myself through the throngs to the nearest central position, knowing that the Sun would rise over the Heel stone and shine through to the centre.

The gatherings’ level of anticipation rose as the sky became lighter and brighter, until finally the Sun broke through across the east horizon, and its golden light radiantly shone through the stone arches.

A mass of smartphones and selfie sticks rose into the space above peoples heads, as everyone tried to grab a bit of the golden glory digitally (myself included).

We were all well rewarded as the Sun truly displayed some splendor, see the photos!



Colour Rays & Qualities to behold:
On reflection looking at the depth of colour rays on these pictures, it occurred to me why the Ancients associated Gold with the Sun. Just look for yourself.
There is a wonderful heart centered feeling that comes with seeing this quality of the light.


I’ve put the Sunrise pictures on my phones screen as a wallpaper, because it lifts my soul and spirit to see that specific golden spectrum of colour: Yellows, oranges, gold, amber. Warming, radiant and emanating.

Your Heart Centered Sun:
Each of us has a heart centered Sun to become more aware of; in your life, it is what you are gradually and consciously developing.

The ancients created these sacred temples to the Sun, because they too wanted to find their own heart centre, and at the longest day of the year, when there was the most light available, they too looked for this special sunrise to confirm and affirm in themselves that they were doing the right thing.

Shine On!


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