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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 9th April 2019

Venus the planet of love and magnetism meets Neptune the planet of dreams, art, fantasy and delusion.

Visions of values and money are shimmering like an oasis but also there needs to be an awareness of how deceptive some things can be.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: In the background and hidden away a greater love and sensitivity is growing, one that allows you to help others in a compassionate and empathic way. It’s something you will value as it happens.

Taurus: Your feelings about friends are becoming more delicate as you wish to escape from some of the harsher realities by organizing some fun and social events where you can lose yourself.

Gemini: Someone is helping your career and a path to success- by letting them help you have a bigger vision and feeling for what’s possible; however there are challenges if you apply too much logic to the relationship.

Cancer: The unconditional love for a teacher helps you to value what you’ve learnt even more than before. Through a relationship you can fuse with another and touch the divine.

Leo: You’d love to make the changes and get perfect romantic idealism yet the reality of the relationship shows that a part of you is acting gullible as to a dream of a fairy tale romance.

Virgo: Don’t miss the opportunity to make a relationship ideal by being so busy concentrating on your beloved imperfections. Remember no-one is perfect!

Libra: In an ideal world you’d have the perfect working team but there are bound to be some elusive ones, or maybe weak or vulnerable ones that you have to shore up and try to hold together.

Scorpio: You’re finding the beauty, harmony and peace that you always wanted in a loving or romantic relationship- it brings out the artistic in you and you feel a flow of creativity.

Sagittarius: Creating the dreamed about family and home relationship often involves sacrifice and longing in various guises. Everyone involved might not be perfect but at least you’re all trying.

Capricorn: In relationships with friends and people close to you, you want to believe the best in them and that everything will be perfect. You can seduce or be seduced by the communications between you.

Aquarius: When it comes to how your spending money you must try to avoid any gullible or defenseless moves towards letting things flow too easily. Things will improve later on but let it wash over you for now.

Pisces: Many people are attracted to your sensitivity making you popular. It’s easy to dream up an imaginary relationship- where you have the meeting of souls but not necessarily the meeting of bodies.

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