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Daily Horoscope Saturday 20th April 2019

As there has just been a full moon across the relationship axis (Sun in Aries the self verses Moon in considerate Libra) followed immediate by the moon changing sign into Scorpio, then there might well be a sense of a change or reform triggered by a relationship or a partner, with feelings diving deep into powerful emotions that can be used for motivation.

The earlier part of Saturday is likely to be making statements of freedom and expressing a need for a change.

The later part of Saturday and into the evening will be more of a merging of feelings (with another), letting a situation flow and evolve.
If a radical new proposition has surfaced and made itself apparent in your life, then Saturday evening is about accepting the new boundaries of change, and knowing that you are also rejuvenating yourself in order to have a practical basis and foundation with which to evolve.

Overall, as its full moon phase, its an exciting weekend of acute awareness between your willpower and your emotions.
There could be quite a lot of potential eruptions, especially if a lot of issues have been buried for a long time.

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