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Daily Horoscope Friday 12th April 2019

Looking ahead to the weekend and the Sun planet of self and the ego currently in individualistic and free Aries aligns harmoniously with Jupiter planet of expansive good luck in restless and talkative Sagittarius.

This is a sure sign for an inspired outcome to most proceedings; there is a lesson of power to be learnt.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re expanding your world view and learning things that help you to present yourself differently. Interacting with different cultures gives you good feelings and enhances how you know yourself.

Taurus: The opportunities for change are being offered on a plate but you might choose to keep the good options to yourself and hidden as secrets. Take the advantages and use them later instead?

Gemini: A friend could become a partner and show you a network that has some advantages and development possibilities that you could use for yourself. Be practical as well as friendly.

Cancer: You’ve been able to create some work opportunities that are going to let you expand as long as you continue to show your efficiency. The boss likes what you do and is rewarding you.

Leo: You’re rate of learning and taking on board a different viewpoint is a cause for celebration; you can see the advantages for you to still be creative and grow from your life experiences.

Virgo: The resources are found for the expansion that you’re looking for; it’s a good all round feeling that you can grow from the base of experience. The family makes changes for you that are beneficial.

Libra: A practical approach to a partner helps you make better choices that show positive growth in the general organization. You’re aware that a significant others contributions are beneficial and useful.

Scorpio: If you stay efficient and put the time and the hours in then you’ll earn the money and be in a better position than you were before. There are definite advantages to getting the tasks done today.

Sagittarius: You emanate and glow with a stable, reliable security and a certain amount of self-assurance. People will love you for who you are nothing more, nothing less. Feel special and be happy.

Capricorn: You’re aware of the love and enjoyment you’re getting from the family or home life. Keeping yourself to yourself is important at this time so its good there’s beneficial supportive for you.

Aquarius: Sharing your feelings with people close to you helps you to expand in your long term goals and objectives. Realize there are many more friends and connections willing to help you.

Pisces: You’re aware that you need to expand and take on the professional role more to enrich yourself. People are being drawn to you so use the positive energy to keep growing and earning.

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