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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 27th March 2019

Venus planet of love currently in devotional Pisces aligns favorably with Uranus planet of freedom now in productive Taurus.

This indicates an encounter that is stimulating and fascinating at a feeling and receptive level.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Helping out others selflessly will attract people to you and bring about some interesting encounters; you’ll notice the air around you is charged with pleasant electricity.

Taurus: It’s a good day for a fling with a friend or to have a party; you don’t need too many demands placed on you though, just enjoy the interesting people you pull towards you.

Gemini: Someone involved in your career is clearly attracted to your eccentric quirks and will agree with you on most things. The interactions can help to revolutionize your life direction.

Cancer: A social or cultural happening helps you make exciting plans and construct a useful creative path to follow, both in relationships and in learning an artistic form of expression.

Leo: You are on a winning streak with your career and life direction because you are mixing with the people who can change your situation; it’s certainly not boring so get more involved.

Virgo: You’ll feel good when a significant other understands what you’ve been trying to get across; don’t lay things on too heavily, just let the stimulation keep things bubbling nicely.

Libra: A well-loved work project takes a surprising turn and financial possibilities are raised that could make things even more exciting. Take it easy and one step at a time.

Scorpio: A love expression is well received by someone new in your life and things look good; don’t hinge everything on what should just be a fun time; keep it light and stimulating.

Sagittarius: Deep down you know you need a lot more freedom to be yourself and still get things done efficiently but at your own pace and time. People will be agreeable to your urges for freedom.

Capricorn: There’s a more pleasing, refreshing and attractive way of talking and expressing yourself in an original way. New friends are drawn towards you.

Aquarius: It’s a perfect day to sort through a money issue that’s centered on family matters. Your feelings and emotions around values are changing and progressing to allow for new and fresh expression.

Pisces: Take note of your ability to draw more interesting and agreeable people towards you by expressing the fascinating and attractively winning side of your personality.

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