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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 13th March 2019

The Sun planet of self makes a motivating alignment to Jupiter planet of opportunity.

This indicates those big plans to expand look good but might also be a little over optimistic.

Try to keep a well framed size of potential, so you don’t let you mind run away with itself.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Opportunities to learn about your inner world are plenty so it’s a good idea to take note and remember your patterns as these insights will be useful for your self-development.

Taurus: Money seems to be available through others: look out for contracts and agreements with friends that are financially beneficial and help you to fulfill your plans and goals.

Gemini: You’re learning about stability within a partnership and your professional direction as a result of it. You’re tempted to take a lot on and be the acting authority, but going a bit slower is more strategic.

Cancer: There are opportunities to change lifestyle and you ways of working, and you’re aware that there’s an option to travel and expand your horizons. Don’t rush too fast, make a list and work through it.

Leo: Opportunities to creatively expand your life are looking good for your own personal self-development. You’re aware an actual change in consciousness today sets things in motion.

Virgo: You’re motivated to make expansions at home, re-arranging things and looking for opportunities; this is especially boosted by a partner whose input adds a lot to the overall possibilities.

Libra: Expansion of communication network is opening up many opportunities to work with different people and bring in new possibilities. Take each step at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself.

Scorpio: Creative enterprises will make you money but are you over-extending yourself and taking on too much? Also take note of what you’re spending at the moment, where is the money going?

Sagittarius: It’s just so good to be you at the moment; everything’s slotting into place and you present yourself to others well, especially when it comes to family matters. Don’t take on too much though!

Capricorn: You’re tuned into your guardian angel at the moment and you feel you want to talk about it and speak your mind, however you could say too much to people close to you, so watch yourself.

Aquarius: Your wishes and future plans are looking good and everything is possible, although how much does it all cost? The ways to make the money are there: look to friends for different options.

Pisces: Your professional direction is developing well with excellent opportunities; the question is how much do you want to actually take on? Usually you like life to be quite easy-going, don’t you?

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