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Daily Horoscope Thursday 21st March 2019

Venus planet of love in friendly Aquarius tensely squares off to Mars planet of physical urges in lusty Taurus.

You’ve wanted to express yourself but at the same time struggle with asserting your emotions, this can make a pretty intense combination.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A friend or group you love is causing tension over a money issue; you’ve been working hard to generate some cash, now’s they give you a reason to get frustrated. If you see it coming, avoid it.

Taurus: You’ve been getting on well with the authoritarians in your life whilst building up your individual defiance and ability to stand up on your own. The pressure is on for you to make a goal or stake a claim.

Gemini: People you are nicely connected to from far away see you’ve got a challenging problem. Luckily they can understand that you can work it out, but you’re pressured and don’t know what to do.

Cancer: You feel the ongoing changes in the values of other people and it causes you a form of irritability as you want to carry on with your objectives but have to balance out the differences.

Leo: You directly challenged by the direction of your relationship; you’d like things to go another way but your career seems to go up against the feelings you have for a partner.

Virgo: You’d love to see total harmony and vitality coming out of the workplace but there’s a challenge: some people have to assert themselves to learn or teach strategic and effective methods.

Libra: You’re feeling the love and affection and it feels so right to express it yet there’s a block in the power of what you’re getting involved in: so many changes could happen if you push through.

Scorpio: You’d like to beautify and bring further harmony to the home and enhance your feelings yet a partner is pushing assertively for a different set of changes which causes problems and pressure.

Sagittarius: Even though you still have a wonderful way of conversing to keep everyone happy; the duties and tasks you have to do are making you pretty frustrated and it’s likely you need to let off pressure.

Capricorn: You value true love and being proud of your values yet the challenge is to satisfy those strong desires that have recently surfaced and give you power but can be a bit overwhelming. Cool off.

Aquarius: You love being you and showing individuality whenever possible however there’s a strong assertive emotional force deep within you that also demands expression, causing tension.

Pisces: You want to show love but still keeping it behind the scenes is the safest option even though you desire some sexy and dirty talk or something erotic close by to fulfill those urges building up.

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