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Daily Horoscope Sunday 31st March 2019

Mars the planet of action and competitive drive changes sign into articulate and dexterous Gemini where it will stay until May 15th.

This brings a phase where communications and ideas will be more direct and confrontational.

Most everything will be spoken with a goal in mind.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: It’ll be easier to generate heated discussions or even start arguing, not that you want that. What you want is a direct explanation that you can learn from, keeping it straightforward.

Taurus: You’ll be seeking out money, earnings, ownership and possessions. The values you set will be like a goal to reach and you’ll have plenty of energy and drive to get what you want.

Gemini: You’ll start pushing your own agenda and acting in an individual fashion. You might become a bit pushy in order to make sure you’re putting yourself first.

Cancer: You’re moving into a phase where secretive plans may be hatched but whether they’ll actually do you any good is debatable. It might be best to reserve your energies and put energy into behind the scenes projects.

Leo: You’re moving into a phase where you’ll rally your friends or a group in order to reach some of your own personal long term goals. Take action to drive towards the future; others will be motivated to assist you.

Virgo: You’ll start to put a lot of drive and energy into your public persona and career. Do you have to fight to make the progress you desire in the world? Hopefully not so be cool as possible.

Libra: You’ll actively seek out ways to broaden your horizons and assert what and who you believe in. An action adventure abroad does you a lot of good; take command of a situation.

Scorpio: You’re moving into a phase where you’ll want to assert yourself over shared resources and joint finances. There’s some closure going on which is also the opening of a new door and new beginning; move forwards.

Sagittarius: Soon you could be directly confronting a partner over their attitude and ways of asserting themselves. You can see they’re pushing ahead with plans, which might annoy you in some way.

Capricorn: You will start to feel a desire to get on with exercise and maintaining a fit and healthy physical body. More effort for work will bring better results and make you feel good. Set and reach for goals.

Aquarius: You’re moving into a phase where your desires will be expressed come what may; just make sure that what you do aligns with the other people you’re involved with so everybody stays happy, especially you.

Pisces: You’ll start to notice a desire to do things around the home, which will lead to redecorating and/or redesigning the furniture. Asserting yourself domestically could be chaotic unless you plan it carefully first.

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