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Daily Horoscope Saturday 16th March 2019

Mercury in dreamy and imaginative Pisces makes useful and helpful alignment to ultimatum and power-hungry Pluto in controlling Capricorn.

This indicates you will have deeper access to thoughts, particularly those flowing, ponderous & fantastical ones.

So, think carefully before you spill out your dream world because you might be intensely feeling to communicate what’s on your mind; be strategic with what you have to say so it has the most effect to bring about change.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: In order to really understand the power you want to take on in your career, it’s time to take a quiet moment to yourself and to think more about the collective and what they might want.

Taurus: It’s a good idea to tell your friends what you think about a new worldview of viewpoint that you are adapting at the moment, people are ready to hear you.

Gemini: You’ve got to talk to the boss or the people in authority and before you can have access to those financial possibilities that are becoming available to you.

Cancer: Thinking long-distance or remembering the good times from abroad helps you to take better control of your relationships today.

Leo: Shake down and change the way that you think! There’s an opportunity to you to look into and understand how you can transform your routines.

Virgo: There’s someone you’re close to who is thinking in dreamy and imaginative terms. You’ve got to lay it on the line, whether it works or not.

Libra: Those rather deep changes are going on at home, now ready to be integrated into your daily routine co-workers have some interesting things to say to you.

Scorpio: It’s more than all right to talk about the fun and good times that you really need. Although be aware of how easy it is to express yourself deeply.

Sagittarius: Artistic thoughts and expressions at home will help to carry across the your changing value system, and your sense of self-worth

Capricorn: It could be all too easy to let the cat out of the bag today, are you sure you want everybody to know the role you’re soon to play?

Aquarius: If you have to talk about money today pay attention to unconscious impulses that might make you say more than you need to.

Pisces: If you’ve been listening to your friends too much recently it’s a good idea to think more about yourself and keep your thoughts individual.

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