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Daily Horoscope Monday 25th March 2019

The Sun planet of self is currently in assertive and actively pioneering Aries.

It is building up a creative (Quintile) alignment with Pluto the planet of power which is currently in traditional and methodical Capricorn.

This indicates an outward expression that demonstrates a creative talent or skill that could be applied in an ambitious way.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re in the middle of a behind the scenes self-development concept; preparing something in the wings and ready for a stage debut will empower your professional and career position.

Taurus: You’re interested in social networking and getting more involved with friends; you could use some of the deeper skills you’ve been learning, the ones that have already transformed your own life.

Gemini: You’re aware of the direction you’re heading in and to a certain extent it’s unavoidable (but challenging); empower yourself with personal authority and know there are others who’ll help you.

Cancer: You’re going with the flow and open to faith and the new horizons that seem to be there; a partner can be a rock of strength and give you power at this time; use their support to get further out there.

Leo: You’re aware of the financial arrangements with another and how it’s important to keep a boundary if at all possible. Empower yourself through your work and tasks you have to do.

Virgo: A partner lights up your life in some way and shows you a different side to yourself; you have deep down desires that are empowering, rather than say what you really want you could just have fun.

Libra: You are undergoing a form of total regeneration f home and family life and this weekend is all about being recognized for the tasks and helpful duties you do around the place that help change.

Scorpio: You feel the romance and love and now it’s time to use your powerful and deep thinking to bring more happiness and joy and not penetrate too deeply in conversation. Keep it as light as you can.

Sagittarius: Having faced up to changes in home life, you’re now aware of how your values have changed; you’re someone who has an authoritative understanding of resources and can still make plenty.

Capricorn: You’re aware of people close to you and your local space; there’s something about your personal self-empowerment in recent times that can help you get more recognition in the neighborhood.

Aquarius: You’re current concerns are around money and personal resources; through using the behind the scenes regenerator you have at your disposal, you can empower and change cash flow attitude.

Pisces: Your current focus is in your general approach and how you are ‘being’ yourself; this attitude is good for connecting to powerful friends who always have the ability to bring about change for you.

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