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Daily Horoscope Monday 18th March 2019

Mars planet of action is currently in self-indulgent Taurus.

It is lining up over the next couple of days to make a harmonious alignment to Pluto the planet of power in persevering Capricorn.

So what you got cooking here then?

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve worked out that a serious attitude towards your career is necessary to eventually take control. An effective combination of ideas and drive to build your resources sees you gain power.

Taurus: Your ability to understand the world is deepening with your approach; you enjoy taking action and speaking up for a changed viewpoint that makes you feel more power as an individual.

Gemini: The old way of doing things is over and you now have to look at different ways of strengthening your position; direct your mind to your inner world and see what surfaces that could be useful.

Cancer: You so totally want to transform a significant other, it’s just not funny. So it’s useful that a friend takes action on your behalf whilst giving you some ‘get your hands dirty advice’ to empower you.

Leo: A work project that took its time to develop takes on a life of its own and boosts your career. Challenging talk from the boss motivates you to a new productive level. Now you can roar!

Virgo: You’re learning to flow into a new way of being and expressing yourself that’s doing you good, now you know the techniques to dive the depth of soul searching and find your personal treasure.

Libra: Changes in the balance of a relationship align with what’s going on amongst family members. This is a transformation that’s easier to manage and make use of, if you adjust accordingly.

Scorpio: You’re more than likely to want to have the final word with a significant other; they’ve shown you aspects of yourself to reflect over and now you can see what you need to change in your mind.

Sagittarius: You shift up a couple of gear changes to start to focus on a different kind of work and task to fulfill. You’re going to keep practical and methodical in the complete changeover that’s coming.

Capricorn: It’ll help to talk about the desire that you feel and it’s good for you, as it’ll smooth off any of the intense individualistic transformations you’ve been going through. You want to win (and you will).

Aquarius: Direct talk about the goals you’re trying to reach helps the unconscious changes that you’re going through, as you stir up the deep buried past sifting through to work out your present situation.

Pisces: You’re prepared to teach as well as to learn. Taking action means saying it directly to someone close to you; this helps you to empower your future vision and reach your objectives.

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