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Daily Horoscope Monday 11th March 2019

Mercury the planet of thinking makes a mild cross-purpose alignment to Venus planet of love.

This indicates that what you say doesn’t quite match with your emotions.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: There’s a friend you love and are attracted to because of their charm, yet a nagging voice from behind the scenes seems to make you want to hold back, or not do what they expect of you.

Taurus: You’re enjoying getting on with people in senior positions but you must be careful what you say about your future plans; giving too much away could cause mild difficulties, so try to be aware.

Gemini: You feel the love coming from abroad or long distance and its doing you good. This forces you to potentially over analyze the details and the work directive, when in fact it might be a lot simpler.

Cancer: You’re enjoying exotic and sexy times with a significant other, changing your relationship toward tantric energy; so be careful not to criticize anything spoken about that could cause worry.

Leo: You want to show the love you feel towards a partner through demonstrative feelings; talking about making changes, endings and beginnings could cause more upset than its worth though.

Virgo: You’re enjoying working with co-workers and employees and value their creative input; a partner wants to improve on a situation and help out more, you have to think carefully about the outcome.

Libra: You’re all about expressing the love and romance but work and duty details simply get in the way which ends up with a slightly difficult situation, especially with people you’re trying to get on with.

Scorpio: You’re enjoying the love created at home but a part of you thinks it can do better and improve on things and that’s where a plan comes a bit unstuck; a clash of words and tastes ensues.

Sagittarius: Looking around you see a world in which you can harmonize and be loving and peaceful; it’s just a tendency you have to think and talk about things that could cause unnecessary upset. So cool it.

Capricorn: You love and value something, maybe you want to buy it and spend big? However you have to be careful not to make an argument about something with someone close to you.

Aquarius: You’re projecting the love and feeling good about yourself but there’s a nagging thought based around your values that makes a loving situation clash and make things difficult. How frustrating.

Pisces: You’re talking about yourself and thinking independently but there’s a secret or hidden love that could mess things around for you. Try to think about one or the other rather than both.

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