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Daily Horoscope Friday 5th April 2019

It’s the new moon in Aries indicating seeds are being planted for the month ahead.

The Aries influence will bring forthright and ardent expressions with possible belligerent and assertive leanings (look at what’s happening on the world stage).

It’s also spring season, so you can see the new Aries energy springing up in plants, trees and the longer hours of daylight.

In your own life, the next 14 days is a good time for new projects and start-ups, depending on the area of your chart the lunation is in.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: This next month is all about you as an individual; you will begin to source a revived and renewed vitality and zest for living, particularly if you’ve decided to make some exciting changes in your life.

Taurus: This next month is how you conduct yourself behind the scenes and in secret. Sudden flashes of intuition have you unconsciously thinking about changes and revolutionizing your inner world.

Gemini: This next month is all about your friends, groups and social connections; you’ll become more aware of what you can do to network people together, a new spirit full of potential is happening.

Cancer: This next month is all about you and your professional and public status. Your career has been going through some rapid changes and now you’ll realize how you must lead the way through.

Leo: This next month is all about learning and expanding your viewpoints to encompass how you’d like to see the world. Traveling is possible as well as a focus on spreading your creativity.

Virgo: This next month is about you changing the way you relate to others through your own psychological insights and ability to regenerate. Some form of emotional crisis manifests gradually.

Libra: This next month is about a significant other and a relationship; someone is perfect for you but they’re also rebellious and freedom loving and as much as they like you, it gets confrontational.

Scorpio: This next month is all about being more aware of your body and diet, health and exercise. Finding the energy is available feels great, but now you have to channel it effectively.

Sagittarius: This next month is all about your children (if you have them) and/or a creative project that helps your self-expression. A bit of rebelliousness is a good thing as you’ll discover it brings freedom.

Capricorn: This next month is all about your home, family life and roots and foundations. So what are you like at home? You’ll be more aware of how you can be; expect a few challenges.

Aquarius: This next month is all about how you organize your mind and your local space; watch out for the neighbors. Keep some thoughts to yourself if you can. A new beginning in communication is good.

Pisces: This next month is all about cash flow and money, personal resources and what you value, which has been changing recently. Now’s the time to start up that new concept; see where it takes you.

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