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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 27th February 2019

Recognize that its a good time to actively take a stand on the direction you’re going in.

This is because the Sun planet of self goes into a useful alignment with Mars planet of assertion.

These planets are in water and earth element, so it might be more contemplative rather than proactive, but still if you use the next two days to push forward and be direct, you will reach some useful goals.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re in a contemplative, retreating phase of year when it is better to focus on your inner world. A drive to assert values or a strong point of view about what’s something’s worth shines through.

Taurus: You’re focused on being a part of an extended social circle but it’s challenging when you’ve got to be responsible and serious. An urge to put yourself first gets you noticed by your friends.

Gemini: You’re conscious of efforts to become more of an authority in career and life direction; its easy to make an action plan now but think carefully whether your intentions are well balanced and fair.

Cancer: You’re now recognized for recent efforts from a long distance and things are going well. Now through balance and fairness assert what you’d like long term and how to lead the development.

Leo: You’re very aware of the magnanimity of the changes required; old stuff to let go and new stuff to start up. Pay attention that your assertiveness might get you more noticed than you expected.

Virgo: A partner or a significant other has bought up so much or you to think about but now you see that you’ve got to fight for what you believe in, especially if they won’t stop going on like they can do.

Libra: You’re focusing on using your body in work, diet, health and exercise. The energy is there to make some quite radical changes; try to avoid getting frustrated at someone else when it’s actually you.

Scorpio: You’re expressing from your heart and marvelous things have been happening although you’ve felt a lot of pressure about being fair and balanced. Now you reach the goal you’re striding for.

Sagittarius: Recently you’ve become so aware of how you radiate around the home and family and yes, now you see how doing all those extra tasks and duties to keep the balance brings satisfaction.

Capricorn: You’ve been focused on how to organize everything around you: now a creative boost happens that makes you more direct and assertive; it’s quite fun to listen to what you’ve got to say.

Aquarius: You’re aware of money, resources and the value of certain things and now an urge to rip everything down at home and start again takes hold; at least you’ve given time to think it through.

Pisces: You’re in a particularly shiny and radiant frame of being expressing your true self; the ability to argue and assert yourself in conversation shows through strongly, pay attention to what you say.

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